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Toyota Sprinter Trueno

Started by Zapper, August 10, 2010, 04:13:32 PM

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Hi Stunters!

As anounced earlier, I was about to create a Toyota Sprinter Trueno car to Stunts and it's almost finished.
It has some of the paint colours of the 87 car year and a special InitialD Takumi's car paint.

I'm trying to get it's handling tuned the best I can, but I figured that in stunts i can't make a car go in power slide (apart from power gear bug).
Right now it just have a good slide control under fast curves.
If anyone can point me some tips, I'll  appreciate.

Anyway, a beta version of this car is released for anyone who wants to test it.

Final version will be released as soon as it behaves more realistic (as it should always ;) ).



Wow. This really does do controlled sliding arround corners. It even slows down a bit, marking the distinction between skidding around a corner and just driving it with your tires protesting. I like it. What I don't like is being overtaken by Skid in an LM02. But that's just me, slow cars are not my thing, and cars appear slow quite quickly in the big and spacious world of stunts. Having said that, I'm no fan of the countach or the skyline either, but in the stunts community overall they're quite popular...
Anyway, the looks are pretty good, both for the dashboard and the model. Keep up the good work.


Very nice work on the Toyotas there, zapper!


Thanks for your feedback.

I'm happy to know that although it is in not "Finalized"state, it is somehow fun to you to drive.

dstien, As a toyota fan, i also hould like to make other toyota's, but soon i will make a wishlist of cars I want to create, for all the community to vote.


All three new cars (the Toyotas and the kart) are now available from the Southern Cross garage. I have not tried the Trueno yet - the creative mood of our designers means I met the 24-car limit, and since I am unwilling to remove any of them I'm going to write a car file swapping app to save some of the trouble.