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International Stunts Master 2011

Started by Mark L. Rivers, December 13, 2010, 11:17:07 PM

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Mark L. Rivers

Here we are, about one day and half to the deadline! :)
Since two of the admitting drivers (Ayrton and Renato Biker) seem by now not to join at the event, the title should be assigned between current participants. Even if the outsiders are always behind the door, take a look to the replays sent until here, three pluri-medalist drivers seem accredited in particular: Bonzai Joe, Duplode and Gutix. I didn't sum their wins and titles got in the past, but sure there's enough material to fill a lot of pages. This will assure, jointly to their purposes expressed publicly and privately, a very hot final for this ISM edition.  8)
And I like to imagine they are living intense hours, with fingers and keyboards which are going to become very hot...  ;)

Mark L. Rivers

Hi all! The night is incoming (sure, in Europe...  ;)) and soon this 5th edition of ISM will tell us who will be the Stunts Master of the year!

Results will be probably published in early morning (GMT +1) but, never say never about a faster update...

Meanwhile, I will be glad to read your comments about this event. Let me express just a couple of my comments before.
I know that this edition probably has not encountered the same rating than past years. First of all for the track. With a bit more of attention, I had the possibility to make a more challenging race, diversyfying more the paths of the single cars. I had initiated to refine two or three passages just three days before the start, but a very bad flu forced me in bed until the go. Secondly, the Formula. It's sure less exciting (even if more tactic) a event that has only four updates in a month. But, due to my engagements, this the best effort I could do.


Gracias, muchísimas gracias por tus palabras, Mark...

Y te puedo asegurar que es así...  este maravilloso juego que es el Stunts, es el que me obliga a no envejecer, a mantenerme siempre activo, tratando de presentarle lucha a los más grandes del mundo...  tal vez no pueda vencerlos nunca, pero el solo hecho de participar con todos ellos, ya me llena de felicidad...

Y para terminar, una vez más MIS FELICITACIONES a tí, Mark, por entregarnos años tras años, estas maravillosas pistas y con una nueva sorpresa cada año...

Ya me estoy preparando para el 2012....!!!!
Por largo que sea el camino, siempre comienza con el primer paso.


Congratulations to Duplode and BJ !!! and everybody who race in this event, and special congratulations to the manager, impeccable as always.

Mark, I would like to see an overall standings of ISM Contest (including every year), is this possible? Thanks!


Thank you Mark for organizing this superb competition (you always set me a role model to follow as a competition manager) and thanks to each pipsqueak taking part.

ISM provides me an opportunity to unleash my pipsqueak self and try to provide my best. It seems that the current circumstances only let me so far and I have to accept the 5th place. (Barnabas got a fever this weekend thus I was not able to improve my times)

I really enjoyed the competition, and am looking forward to the next one. Hopefully I will have more time then - the goal is the podium! :)



Yeah!! After so many botched attempts it feels great to finally win an SDR/ISM event. A word must be spared for Gutix's impressive last-dash efforts, which, if not enough to turn the tables, at least provided some great driving (for instance, daringly using the P962 route with Audi...). I also must thank my teammates for their support and comraderie, specially during the first weeks when for a while my competitiveness seemed threatened by computer troubles. And finally, Mark, rest assured - the unavoidable streamlining of the competition structure didn't affect the essence of ISM: high-level racing and beautiful laps underpinned by your excellent management. As AbuRaf says, onwards to 2012!  ;)

Mark L. Rivers

This kind of words is the best reward for all the efforts spent for planning and executing the management: THANKS to all of you, guys!  :)

Mark L. Rivers



Como todo lo que haces, Mark...  muy bueno...!!!

Muchas gracias por este Resumen...
Por largo que sea el camino, siempre comienza con el primer paso.