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Ferrari F40

Started by Zapper, January 04, 2011, 01:34:35 AM

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Hi Stunters!

First of all, Happy New Year!

Although a bit late in release, that was to be finished till the end of 2010, I'm finally releasing the Ferrari F40 for Stunts.

Use it and abuse it, in competition (if approved) or just for your enjoyment ;)

Some pics of The Super Ferrari:


The most important, to share is right here (below)


Looks great! Can't wait to be able to try it...



Now a more detailed facts about the making of:

-Performance & Handling

As my previous released cars, the performance specs are defined to match the real ones. The handling is faster than GTO, more incisive but not so forgiving when pushed past the limit.

-Modeling & Dashboard

The modeling was created from scratch using "Anim8or" and some blueprints, using the limit of vertices.
The dash was based on F40 dash from Test Drive 2 The Duel from Amiga because of his 256color pallete, and therefore cosmetic changes were made to the clocks.

and this is it, feel free to comment ;)


Just tried the F40 in Z115... handling-wise it has a quite distinctive feeling: while it does have better grip than, say, GTO or Countach, it also likes to understeer, and resists to attempts to perform controlled spins. A challenging car, that's for sure. I also see serious potential for it being a great for NoRH...


Nice to know that it has your approval. I was afraid that it becomes very similar to the 288 GTO, so I tried to give it a bit more grip for the same speed but not so forgiveable when pushed to the limit.