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Hungarian censorship

Started by BonzaiJoe, January 05, 2011, 02:59:42 PM

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Quote from: Chulk on December 30, 2011, 06:38:31 AM
So, Duplode... seeing how Europe is falling apart one country at a time, USA going the same way and Zak saying China won't last long I wonder: How is Brazil preparing  for the next few years? Because it appears as one of the fewer countries I could move into as soon as I can (I do not trust Argentina's politics or government either, that's why I'll leave the country if I have a chance)

Well, my ability to read economic trends is very limited, but anyway it does seem our position in that respect will remain acceptably good, at least in the short-to-mid term (not so sure about the longer term, I sense we lack some sounder strategical planning, and might end up being too dependant on oil and other primary exports because of that). As for politics, despite the regular doses of bullshit we are subject to on several different levels, on the whole our federal government is relatively sane - at least I reckon we are at some distance from the horror stories ( :()you guys are reporting...


Az euró értékének emelkedése
Hejj bicska, bicska, bicska csantavéri kisbicska!


Since the topic has recently been dug up anyway, I figured I'll share this here.

A Dutch late night comedy-news show did a piece on roughly this topic recently. Youtube has no English captions available, but it does have Hungarian subtitles. So for those Hungarians that might be interested...


It did make the news here as well - well, at least to the remaining free press we have...  ???