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Akoss season 2003

Started by alanrotoi, January 20, 2014, 07:24:31 PM

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Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister


As for the country, Sweden has joint Hungary and Italy.
Bands: Finntroll can be missed out from the list, Rhapsody of Fire can be added to the list.
Girl name: Lilla (though Laura is still one of the favourites)
Now favourite sportsmen are ice hockey players. From the old era, my favourite is Mario Lemieux. Favourite active player: Linus Omark (Sweden). Favourite Hungarian player: János Hári (HIFK Helsinki, Finnish elite league)
Computer game: Yeti Olympics  ;D
Activities: sex, hiking, cooking, attending ice hockey matches can be added, the ones mentioned in 2004 lost importance
Best thing ever happened and best summer holiday: Abádszalók, 21st-22nd July 2012, got together with Ildi
Tree: alder, beech
Female body part: pussy can be added of course, and (long) hair, too
Chocolate: quality milk chocolate with whole almonds
Animal: cat
Cycling route: around Lake Tisza can be added
Flower: violet can be added
Pub: don't have any
Drink: dry cabernet sauvignon from Villány
Stunts track: don't have any
Cloth: a black, striped shirt of mine
Lake: Dlhé Pleso in the Tatra Mountains

Others can remain. 'Can be added' means that the old favourite is still a favourite to the same extent. If it is not written, then I mentioned a completely new favourite.
Competition: special országváros against Köcsög
Chürműű! :-)

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