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WRC Stunts championship

Started by alanrotoi, June 04, 2003, 09:25:20 PM

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Is any difference between winning points and less time in track? I mean why we need points if there are added times?

Am I clear with this bad english?  :oops:  sorry


Points will be given at the end of each rally.
But, to make a real championship, there will be more than one rally, so we need points.
Times of different rallies won't be added. Points earned at each rally will be added for the rally championship.
End of the rally championship : end of 2004. (after 6 rallies)

1st rally (Italy, tracks already done) after summer break (september), then 2nd IMSA Cup, and then 2nd rally (Kenya, tracks almost done).
Then X-mas break, and another rally in 2004 (february ?) before 3rd IMSA Cup.


Why nobody is racing there except Orion drivers? Or it's just Krys not updating?

al il professore

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Zak sent a time too. :D
Al's right, I had to handle school beginning (4 children at different schools, quite a lot of job!).
I updated quickly the results page of the current rally yesterday, but posted no news. :oops:

Only 4 pipsqueaks for now... :(
But soon replays from Warner Bros ! :wink:

Remember : one track per week. Saturday 22H00 GMT+1 is deadline of each week.
Althought you can enter a rally after the 1st week, remember you'll be penalised. So, don't wait. :wink:

About track, 2nd one will be more difficult. :)


Quote from: "Krys@work"2nd one will be more difficult. :)

How scared I am!! :D

BTW I already raced a time, but I couldn't beat the "mega" times we can find in the scoreboard :( I'll try to race again.