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Banned users

Started by zaqrack, March 10, 2015, 06:44:41 PM

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Hi All,

You may not have seen my message on ZakStunts: I have banned two users from both the forum and ZakStunts: Vector and CTG.
Vector's ban was requested by one user, CTG's ban was requested by four users, including myself and himself. 

As despite his request CTG almost immediately tried to come back under a new alias, I had to restrict forum registration to require admin approval. I may need to do the same on ZakStunts.

I am sorry the situation has come this far and hope my decision benefits the community. Please let me know if you disagree.


You know my opinion. A known cheater and harmful user banned is a good thing. He had 12 years full of opportunities and every time he could a racing or coexistence rule were broken.
I don't know how it happened but I agree.


I'm new but , really you banned CTG ? 


yes, I think he crossed a certain threshold and the community was more in favour of banning than not.

Somebody Else

For those who are close to ejaculate on the punishment: the one who wanted CTG's banning the most was CTG himself. I'm happy to be free from zStunts participation and I think it should have happened already in 2002. Or after the Silver Spirit case, at latest. I've asked Zak for this punishment several times in the last few years, without success. I tried to close USC, or at least to give it to another manager (with all the pending car projects), but it was simply refused. I think hunting for a ban was the only way to finish my job here.

About USC: the season will be finished as planned, probably only with a few days of delay. Mostar is suspended as long as I re-build the site on a different server. After that, just post your replay in the Forum as you did before (with the time result in your text message as I can't see the downloadable files as a guest).


Quote from: Somebody Else on March 12, 2015, 03:07:53 PM
the one who wanted CTG's banning the most was CTG himself.

I'm more than satisfied with a 2nd place there.


It's obviously the right of the host to decide who is welcomed in his home/party/webpage/forum. However: Zak, if you don't want new registrations without your approval, I'd suggest reviewing ALL existing registrations. There may be dozens of sleeping ghosts amongst them, who can be revived anytime without your control. And CTG is not the only pipsqueak with high ghost potential...

For example, I'm not really convinced* that Marco is a newbie...
Colour of living being is determined by the gene.


Colour of living being is determined by the gene.


For example if you banned Usrin The Slovak, I'd appear immediately. :) But poor Usrin would have no 2nd chance. Unlike some others, I guess.



I prefer not to waste my efforts reviewing the 201 current registered members and make assumptions whether they are ghosts or not. As soon as a sleeping ghost reappears and does damage, or tries to login with several incorrect password attempts, actions will be taken.
I have no interest in acting as a warden trying to keep CTG away from the community at all costs. He is obviously unable to leave. All I want to do is him to leave others in peace.


Oh, I'm new so I don't know what has happened . I found CTG very funny with his jokes , maybe because I'm new, maybe because my confidence with the english is reduced :), don't know .i have always thought that he was simply joking .  Anyway, because you requested an opinion, in this moment I have to disagree with his ban. 

It's not the main thing but,  To Lose a fast player as him fighting for the 1st position ... is anyway a sad moment. His youtube channel has no more videos in this moment ...


Nobody is 100% ballast in a community but some may be 90%.

Quote from: Marco on March 12, 2015, 04:34:23 PM
His youtube channel has no more videos in this moment ...

Watch mine ;)


There's a very long history to this that you haven't witnessed, Marco. I think the ban is well deserved. It's sad because CTG is also a positive forum member and competition pipsqueak at the same time as being a deceiver, a spammer and a false accuser. I hope to see him return if he grows too old for the trolling and decides to calm down and behave like a normal person.
But we can't be quite sure.


You spent 12 years together and now ban :) I'm here since only 2 races but this cannot be considered a boring place for sure :))) I have always thought that Zak and CTG were joking and that seems to me very funny. This is a big joke and I'm the newby victim :)