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Started by CTG, May 30, 2005, 05:44:16 PM

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Before I forget...

Corsendonk Rousse (BEL, 8%, 849 HUF/0.33 l): long-lasting foam, "uniform" Belgian taste, maybe a bit too sweet. Not really characteristic, but still a fine one. Mark: 7.5/10.


Guinness Hop House 13 Lager (IRL, 5%, 519 HUF/0.44 l): generally I really hate British (and Irish) beer. The classic Guinness and Kilkenny just sucks. However, this one seems to be something different. It tastes like a strong beer, with quite a pleasant balance of sweetness/bitterness. Excellent drink for an early summer evening. I was really shocked. Mark: 8/10.