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GAR rules and support

Started by dreadnaut, June 12, 2016, 04:14:43 PM

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I'm a bit wary about adding GAR-only features to the website, since the original idea was an experiment, open to variations and dependant on the pipsqueaks' interest.

GAR feels to me very much like its own thing, which makes me question its place next to the main competition: car bonuses don't apply correctly, tracks can be awful under restrictive rules, public/quiet replays periods don't apply. To coexist properly with ZakStunts would require a number of code changes and a fair amount of duplication.

Does it make sense to run it in parallel with the main competition, or should it be a separate one? Can it run partially from the forum, as StuntsLOL and USC have done in the past?

Opinions, suggestions, support? pipsqueaks interested in the alternative scoreboard?


I strongly disagree with adding additional scoreboards in ZakStunts. Especially in case of GAR which is a stand-alone ruleset and a competition on its own. As far as I like GAR I cannot see any reason to have GAR in ZakStunts. Lack of Marco's coding skill is not an excuse - there are many ways to have a competition without a website.


I believe any parallel races sharing the ZakStunts tracks and schedule should remain unofficial, that is, without a season scoreboard. Having a separate competition so tightly coupled to the main one would be suboptimal for everyone involved. Also note that a proper title to fight kind of presupposes that rules like IRC and NoRH compliance to be strictly enforced and verified, beyond a gentleman's agreement.