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Football Fanats 2017

Started by Shoegazing Leo, December 22, 2016, 09:58:29 PM

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Quote from: Duplode on December 23, 2016, 04:05:59 AM
Quote from: Shoegazing Leo on December 22, 2016, 10:01:48 PM
LibertadoresAtlético Paranaense will face Millionarios in 2nd Stage. If win, face the winner of (Dep. Copiatá x Dep. Tachira) x Universitario Lima in the 3rd Stage. If win, will face Flamengo, San Lorenzo and Universidad Catolica in groups stage.

That sounds like one of the tougher groups... good luck in navigating to and through it!

Now that was some final group round!

Shoegazing Leo

This Death Group finished:
1st San Lorenzo
2nd Atlético Paranaense
3rd Flamengo
4th Universidad Catolica

Shoegazing Leo


Did you know a brazilian striker called Londres Neto who played for Budapest Honved some years ago? I knew him. He's playing for amateur side Imperial, in local amateur league:

The sixth in back row (the bearded guy)


I'm very proud of my Grêmio! I believe we will conquer the America. Getting to the final of Libertadores is a big deal, and this makes me believe that the match is going to be a big show, even we loosing or winnig.