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2019-6 (White Leaf Desert)

Started by Duplode, August 07, 2019, 01:09:14 AM

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We could do with a race thread right now, so here is one  :) The track is attached here, in case you need to download it before the site goes up again; the car for the race is the Jaguar.

I will probably have a second session sometime soon. I feel like I should give all those other paths a try...


Thank you, Duplode!  That'll work. Only thing is I may have lost the last replays. I downloaded all data just a few days before, so I'll have to check and see what's available. So guys, don't delete your replays for now. Dreadnaut has recommended me another host, so I'll be trying it soon. This could be solved super-quickly. Only thing stopping me is I'm currently busy with a problem at work and with preparations for my mother's birthday, ha, ha. As latest, this Friday, I'll be much more relaxed and for sure will be able to reestablish the website :)
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