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Track tiles table

Started by dreadnaut, February 22, 2019, 11:06:24 PM

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Does anyone have a table with all the track tiles, with id, dimensions and possibly the name?
I was about to start compiling one, but with all the editors and tools around, there's bound to be one already :)

Any format is fine!


There is the Track File article in the Wiki, though the arrangement of the tables there isn't necessarily as tidy as one might want.

For reverse lookups, this function in the Carography code might be convenient. (On what things like "Q3" and "Sin" mean, see here and here.)


Thanks Duplode, the code is a good starting point. I'll compile a CSV this week.

I'm trying to rewrite the track preview, so that it can load different track skins from a single image, like the one used in Bliss. It would render images faster, and it would be easier to customise :)


Bliss has a file xlation.dat, if I remember correctly, that contains the look up tables for all track elements. It also includes information on what each item actually is, such as its dimensions, where it's entered from and where to goes to. If you need more info on that and it would be useful so you can convert that file to whichever format you want to extract any useful information from it instead of having to recreate it by hand, let me know. It took me some time to build that file, ha, ha.

Also, feel free use the graphics. There's also the 7x7 version of the graphics that Bliss used before (Castunts version 2.1). I think it's here somewhere. Otherwise, I can send it to you. But there's a catch. The new version (22x22 tiles) is transparent with an alpha channel. The old version (7x7 tiles) I think was opaque and it includes the grid, so it would require some editing. The graphics are not made one set after the other. I completely recreated them. The old one is inspired in the original Stunts editor graphics and because they were introduced gradually, they are able to fit alongside the originals. If you instead scale down the 22x22 tiles, they probably will not fit with the original graphics.
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I've found an interesting YouTube video on Stunts tracks. (Only 5 year's old so you might have seen it)
It's made by Gemini (same as the opponent comparison)

Not much news in there but a nice addition.
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I saw that one. It's nice in that it shows how one would start to analyse Stunts. Unfortunately, the guy does not mention all the advancement that has already been made on understanding Stunts throughout this century. In his videos, he very briefly mentions the community at all a single time. But it's interesting to see.
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