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2nd IMSA Cup

Started by Krys TOFF, June 21, 2003, 01:48:18 AM

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Hi pipsqueaks.

The 2nd cup will take place after Kalpen contest, that is in November 2003 (and not 2k4 Zak, thanx to change the name of the topic :wink: ).

The Qualif track will be an "American Le Mans" series track like all tracks of the 1st Cup : Road Atlanta.

Then, we will cross the Pacific ocean to race in ustralia for the 5 next tracks. You will race on "ProCars Australia" series tracks (not in definitive order) :
 - Bathurst,
 - Oran Park,
 - Pillip Island,
 - Surfer's Paradise and
 - Winton Raceway.

Then, the great battle for Final and 3rd place race will take place in Europe. On the best Formula One track in the World, stupidly removed from the 2k3 calendar :
That is...
Spa Francorchamps !

Be there in November. :mrgreen:


Another new site design for the IMSA Cup is on the way.
Go see it, and tell me your opinion. :wink:


It's cool, but just put order, the menu is a mess :D



Quote from: "Krys TOFF"Hi pipsqueaks.

The 2nd cup will take place after Kalpen contest, that is in November 2003 (and not 2k4 Zak, thanx to change the name of the topic :wink: ).
But we can't be quite sure.


Thanks BJ. :wink:


New site is made, including Racing for pleasure part now. Only links part is still to be made.

Official beginning : saturday 1st of November, 21H00 GMT+1.
So you'll be able to race right after making your latest improvement in Z31. :wink:
Qualification part will last 2 weeks this time. Other steps will last 1 wekk like 1st cup.

And deadline is changed too to avoid same deadline with any other competition : each "step" of competition ends at saturdays 20H00 GMT+1, and site update with new track will be at 21H00 GMT+1.

I hope many of you will join.

al il professore

the gif in the signature should link to
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That's what I wanted to do but it doesn't work, I should have made something wrong...
Btw, here is the link :
Tonight ! 21H00 GMT+1 ! Qualification track : Road Atlanta ! (not very difficult, this is just the qualifications... :twisted: )


Since yesterday, I have problems with my provider.
I can't upload site, and last upload something went wrong and qualification results image is cut.
Sorry, I'll correct that as soon as I can connect to ftp site.

Btw, no more replays received, so Zak is leading, CTG is 2nd, I'm 3rd, XSCrapy is 4th, Neil Mc Rae is 5th and Guybrush is 6th.

Come on guys, last cup I had 14 pipsqueaks in one week of qualifications, this time I have only 6, and 2 of them due to Alan's advertisement. :wink:

I feel dizzy... :roll:
But you still have one week to enter the competition. :wink:


Don't wait rpl from me :P
I'll better race in StuntsLOL :D



Can I take a part too  :?:  :roll:

I missed qualification but maybe it won't be a big problem as many groups aren't filled yet.


I asked the same thing in a mail.... no reply yet.
Let's hope mings....


I hope you can...... but you had 2 weeks!!! shame on you both :P