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Maserati Shamal

Started by Ryoma, February 23, 2021, 09:26:24 PM

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Another Italian from the 90s.

A shape from Gandini (means easy to do with stressed lol), a V8 biturbo, a CX of truck (not communicate but we can estimate it at 0,45)


Nice! I quite like this kind of grand tourer  :)


I am very proud of the turbo gauge.


This looks great! :) The shape definitely lends itself nicely to Stunts' visuals.


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Ok after having been humiliated by Marco on a social video, I had to react.

I wonder myself why the dimensions are not good : for the Shamal I used a blueprint and the length is about 2000 pixels like the others.

I decide to compare the original cars to the real and the results are stranged.

The ratio in lentgh is between 2.0 and 2.8 with an average of 2.3

For the width, it's between 2.3 and 2.9  with an average of 2.6

For the height, it's between 2.6 and 3.2 with an average of 2.8

But the values are not consistant : for example for the GTO the length ratio is 2.1 and for the two others dimensions 2.7!!!!

Si my opinion is : a classic GT cars shall be 2000 pixels length, 800 pixels width and 450 pixels height.

For a compact like delta 1650pixel, 700 pixels and 500 pixels

For a group C or Formula 2000, 800 and 340.

With theses considérations, I think that my 500 is to little...but so cute like this!

And I redo the Shamal, you can take it on my méga.


Indeed, the sizes of the original cars are not consistent with each other if you try to match them with their real-life counterparts. That being so, I believe that the scaling factors to use are more a matter of aesthetics (and, assuming you are adjusting the physical wheelbases to match the graphics, handling) than of accuracy. From that point of view, I tend to agree that the Thema and the Shamal were a little too tall. I don't think you need to change the 500, though; it looks perfectly fine as it is now  :)

(By the way, once upon a time I ran into a similar issue with the Skyline, in that case due to a misunderstanding about the aspect ratio of Stunts.)


Quote from: Duplodeand, assuming you are adjusting the physical wheelbases to match the graphics, handling)


I did not....I expect that @Cas carworks did the correction


I remember having thought of making CarWorks do that automatically, but I'm not sure if I implemented it. Oh, I'm taking a look now. It does adjust the wheel positions in the 3D shape, but it does not change the wheel box in the RES file. Indeed, CarWorks is experimental and unfinished and it's there so that you guys make as much good use of it as you can, but I would like to make a complete thing out of it one day.
Earth is my country. Science is my religion.


First the SLE, than the CarWorks/DashMan
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Quote from: GTAMan18 on March 06, 2021, 08:29:45 PM
First the SLE, than the CarWorks/DashMan
I agree with that.... 8)
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Sle ?

I think i did not make a big mistake...all my new car are based on the Countach except the Abarth on the Delta.

And the revamp cars on their original.


SLE = StuntsLegacyEngine. And indeed, I guess the physical sizes of your cars should be reasonably close to the graphics. The most immediate consequence of a mismatch would be a collision rectangle that is obviously larger or smaller than the graphics; however, since the rectangle uses wheel positions rather than the nose and tail of the car, there is some margin of tolerance before it gets glaring.


Ok but how sle manage the wheelbase of the car?

I don't see the concordance.