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Started by alanrotoi, April 08, 2021, 05:24:37 PM

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Watching the stats of the forum we can realize the community is far more active in 2021 than in the previous years. We should keep going like this!


Thanks to Ryoma for making this with the new cars, the return of Zapper, and of course Marco doing Stunts videos
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It's true. I remember there have been more quiet years and more active ones, but I thought that in general, activity was on the decline and suddenly, we have a boom! :D  Long live the Stunts community! :)
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Ha, ha... it's a positive boon! :P
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guys, this is great but impossible to catch up for a lurker like me, please post less!

Just kidding  8) ;D great to see such activity - I simply don't have enough time to join you...


Nonsens. :D :D :D :D It took me only about six months of nearly daily reading to read the whole.. (maybe not all chat in life besides stunts.)

It was a good way to get through the most difficult time of my life.

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I'd be here even more often, but work has become very busy. I don't think that will change much, so I will just have to eventually get used to it, ha, ha
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Hi all, happy to be part of the boom as a brand new registered user this year.

Actually I was thinking how slow the forum is some times, where there are not a lot of new forum topics over the course of a week... but that's ok, I know the forum and many users have been here for 10+ years and many things have been discussed in depth already  8)


Yes! The good thing is that all of these we are building is just for fun. We share many interest and joy here. The time passes and new things born other thing come and go. It is a great community and we should call another wave of users with advertising all the competitions and projects. Everybody from his place, free time and motivation.

Do you race in zaks or r4k, duke?


No I don't, I looked at some times people had on old tracks, tried playing those old tracks myself and my times were very much not competitive, like 20 seconds higher than the rest.  I enjoy stunts but I'm clearly not competitive for the contests :D


Sometimes is fun to point not that high and race just to have fun whatever will be your position. I raced like this the most and few tracks tryied to win. A year of competition is too long for my mind so I managed to race for fun. It costed me at the beggining but then you realize stats aren't that important.
Now we are discussing about an amateur league in zaks, maybe you prefer to race more relaxed there. I mean with all of these words that the experience to be in this community is great and you have many options to choose: racing with different rules (free style, owootr, norh, etc), you can be a track builder for example or a car builder, programmer, event manager, community manager...


I support what Alan Rotoi says, totally!

Many of us here are not great pipsqueaks, but that's no problem. Besides, if it is important for you to get good at it, then racing is the most effective way to achieve it. I'm still an average pipsqueak after all this time, but now at least I have learn't to see shortcuts which was something I would get lost about in the past. And I know that, by racing, even if I'm too busy to try to get a good time on a certain month, I'm helping other pipsqueaks have other references. "Filling the scoreboard" is not just that. It's more like "hey, folks, I'm here racing with you". You'll find you enjoy it when you read the shout-box and somebody comments on an issue they had at a track and you know exactly what they're talking about because you've been there as well! :)

And of course, if there's anybody new you could recommend the community too, there'll be more pipsqueaks and it'll be even more fun to participate.
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As a total newbie, I'm kind of confused about what races are current?  I found my way to a website previously that had lots of ancient contests and tracks, not sure where the currently live stuff is, I guess its hiding in a topic in a sub forum here?


The currently active competitions are listed on the Stunts Racing Portal.