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When a wheel is broken (BUG)

Started by alanrotoi, February 25, 2021, 10:34:30 PM

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I called a bug like this. It's hard to explain but it happened a lot with INDY. After a jump or several jumps in power gear suddenly the car turns by itself to a side and you have to force it to the opposite way just to maintain the direction. Sometimes it fixes after a jump or a savage turn but sometimes not. Did it happened to you?

Also if you use F3 view you can see the front wheels in a different position than the normal (you can see the axis between the wheels over the car).

Stunts has only two states of the car: fine or crashed. There aren't broken parts of the car like other games of those times (i.e. Test Drive 2 you can broke some shifting and keep driving without it). Would be this bug a discarded attempt of introduce a complex broken car status? Or just a bug? I'm sure I had few replays in zaks with that bug but I can't remember witch.


Oh yes, I've had the "my Indy drifts to one side" problem before. I usually rewind the replay, because I'm afraid it might make my replay non-replayable. But also because it's very difficult to go anywhere with a broken wheel :)


Yup, I have seen this one a few times. It tends to happen upon landing from very aggressive air slides. One example from my ZakStunts replays is Z170 (that's a Jaguar lap, by the way, so it doesn't happen only with powergear cars).


Oh!  This is very interesting and hasn't happened to me or at least, I don't remember. I'd like to see if I can reproduce it. My guess is that it's just a bug, but the amazing thing is that Stunts has so many properties that can change during gameplay. It looks simple, but it is not. Just looking at how many things can be tweaked in car RES files gives you an idea, so I figure some variable related to one or more of these properties could reach a value that it wasn't expected to reach and then you're locked at the other end. I'll try to find that replay
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I have got it when I push an opponent.


Well, one thing I do remember that I did on purpose many times was as follows:
- First, have the opponent crash his/her car
- Then, approach slowly until you make contact with the crashed car. Too quick and you'll crash too
- Once you make contact, there is a chance you'll crash anyway, but more often, you won't
- You'll get stuck and won't be able to move out. Continue to try moving to the sides while accelerating gently
- If you accelerate too much, you'll eventually crash. If you do everything well, you may still crash
- But, after a while, if you're lucky, your car is suddenly launched flying for no reason either making spirals or shooting high up into the sky!
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By the way... It happens that this "drift to one side" alwsys is a turn to the left. Maybe it is linked somehow with our turn left/right problem in other topic.