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Penske Chevrolet INDY

Started by alanrotoi, July 23, 2022, 02:03:50 AM

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A new car has born! Penske Chevrolet was one of the most successful teams in mid/late 80's INDY competition.
You can download it from my drive:
Also you can find all my cars there and a list of work-in-progress cars.

This is the wiki article with the details of the cars ;)


Wow!  Another Indy!  And the default colours are R4K like :D  I'll download it now. What are the characteristics?
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Like I wrote in the wiki article:

The performance is quiet similar of the Lola Cosworth too. It has a slightly slower 0-170 mph acceleration and at high speed it becomes slightly faster. About top speed, Penske Chevrolet reaches 229 mph against the Lola's 236 mph, but it has a slithly improved corner grip that established both cars different but balanced.

0-60: 2.55s
0-100: 4.8s
Half mile: 15.05s
Top speed: 236mph
Grip value: 600

0-60: 2.6s
0-100: 4.85s
Half mile: 15.05s
Top speed: 229mph
Grip value: 620


I can see it also has the four wheels of the same size, like the Lola, but I think the Indy has it's back wheels larger than the front wheels. Now I'm beginning to doubt....
Earth is my country. Science is my religion.


Yes, for lola I modified porsche march car0 layer and for Penske I started from Lola's. I also dragged the explosion bug  ;D


Nice work! :) I love the dashboard on this one!