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Started by Duplode, April 22, 2009, 05:18:29 AM

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Note: this is a really old post, and at this point most links in it are more historically interesting than actually useful. I plan to update it wholesale Anytime Soon™.

This is a collection of links to useful posts with reference info and downloads, so that people do not need to wade through massive threads such as the "Dissecting" one to find some specific info. It will focus on stuff not yet transposed to the Wiki; therefore for better-established subjects it is probably easier to look for information in articles there, such as Resource file format or Car parameters. It would be nice if this could be made a sticky by Zak or dstien. Done, thanks Zak!

Standalone, finished cars

Posts on the "Dissecting" thread

Posts on the "Physics Investigations" thread


Can you send me a BEGINNER's tutorial on creating cars with stressed


Quote from: DOS_in_time on October 05, 2010, 02:21:45 AM
Can you send me a BEGINNER's tutorial on creating cars with stressed

I actually have been thinking of writing a fuller guide aimed at newbies for quite a while but still couldn't find time to put it down to paper. Meanwhile, I suggest you to meet me right now on IRC (, #stunts channel) - I guess it will be quicker for me to get you started through an actual chat...

Grijze Pilion

How do i convert a 3SH file to a working car? I have DB and Stressed.


Make sure you have the corresponding .RES file and tune it with CarWorks, make the dashboard with GIMP and DashMan, but ask Ryoma for more
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(Meta note: most of the links at the top of this thread are outdated, or superseded by Wiki articles. Perhaps I should unstick it. Opinions?)


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Well, ZakStunts '09 car packs should be replaced with ZakStunts' 21 car packs, you should add a Wiki article to vanilla Stunts installations here, which links to the Stunts wiki download game section
Replace the LWT-ZR1 link with Ryoma's MEGA link, add the SCR Stunts link
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Yeah, maybe it's worth it updating it after all. A list of links to useful entry point articles in the Wiki could make sense. By the way, that TEDIT.RES description really should be in the Wiki.