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Leading Time Bonus

Started by alanrotoi, June 07, 2022, 06:05:30 AM

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Never in Zakstunts history LTB determined the champion. It is possible in maths but never happened.


It is quite interesting that it never happened -- not even in 2013, when, under the old LTB rules, Renato managed to collect the full 24 points, for an overall 135-114 victory.


LTB that owns every pipsqueak since this set of rules:

230 FinRok
95 dreadnaut
55 KyLiE
49 overdrijf
44 Heretic
42 Akoss Poo
41 Duplode
40 Marco
30 afullo
29 CTG
17 Cas
12 Stingray86
3 Zapper
3 Stan 286XT
1 Shoegazing Leo
1 Ryoma