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25th race winner of ZakStunts

Started by alanrotoi, June 07, 2022, 07:44:54 PM

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Who or when will be? Nobody knows but here is a review of the largest gaps between new race winners. Today we are in the 3rd largest gap ever in zakstunts history. You could say that's bad but not THAT bad. Check the numbers:

  • 45 races (Friker 137-182 Marco) December 2012 September 2016 almost 4 years
  • 42 races (Duplode 94-136 SuperBrian) 3 years and a half
  • 25 races (Seeker1982 225-today) 2 years and 1 month
  • 21 races (dreadnaut 194-215 Overdrijf) almost 2 years
  • 20 races (Mark L. Rivers 74-94 Duplode) almost 2 years

The top 2 gaps are way larger than the rest.


Also, CERV III became the 27th car winner in Zakstunts. The only cars didn't have a single win yet are Mercedes DTM (no chances this year) and Stratos (still 6 races to go).