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ZCT251 - Rainy Day

Started by alanrotoi, June 11, 2022, 05:27:09 PM

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It seems a challenging track. I think it was made for Melange or a similar racing car. There are many spots for speed boosts and tricky jumps.


I specifically boosted the Melange for this track because otherwise, there were going to be no fast options and I wanted jumps and tricks and some vertigo. I tried to add as many opportunities for tricks as I could. In some cases, they were ignored, likely because they were really hard to exploit. Others have been used a lot and there is one that's almost compulsory. I think the track is only hard if you're trying to make use of the suggested tricks. In theory, you can just ignore them all and the only "difficulty" would be dodging the receiving side of the broken bridge, but after doing that, you don't even need to catch the banked road or the ramp. Of course, it'd be much slower to just go across the hill, but it's a possibility.

I wonder if anybody is able to exploit the pipe ends beside the ramp that leads to the cork up/down. But there really isn't much point, as it's so easy to simply jump over the cork. Also, the chicane near the end of the track hasn't been used even though it's there precisely to make it easy for pipsqueaks to get to the corkscrew. But well, I knew not all the tricks would be feasible or convenient. I added all I could just in case and some have been embraced, which is good :P
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