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Track of the Year 2022

Started by dreadnaut, December 31, 2022, 09:20:10 PM

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In 2022, at the end of each race, we asked participants to rate the track from 1 to 5 stars. Single votes and averages have been hidden during the season, but here we are for the grand reveal!

The Track of the Year 2022, with 14 votes and 4.2 stars on average is...
ZCT254: Island Run, designed by KyLiE

Runner ups:
4.2 (10 votes) - ZCT251: Rainy Day by Cas
4.2 (10 votes) - ZCT257: Otto's Christmas by Overdrijf
4.1 (12 votes) - ZCT253: Monaco by Daniel3D

Pretty good ones:
4.0 (14 votes) - ZCT246: ReGeneration by CTG
4.0 (9 votes) - ZCT250: Leap of Faith by Alan Rotoi
3.9 (14 votes) - ZCT255: Overflow by dreadnaut
3.9 (10 votes) - ZCT252: Ejector Seat Reservation by Shoegazing Leo
3.9 (10 votes) - ZCT256: Metadata by Overdrijf
3.8 (13 votes) - ZCT247: Lucid by Duplode
3.6 (12 votes) - ZCT249: Sewage Sludge Treatment by Akoss Poo
3.5 (11 votes) - ZCT248: Desert Spark by dreadnaut

Nothing below 3.5 this year!

Final ratings will appear on the track list in the next days.

Any feedback on the voting system itself is welcome! (see also: 2021)


Cool! Congrats KyLiE! What a great idea was rating the tracks!


Congratulations KyLiE, Cas and overdrijf.
And to us Rolling stunts. With a good team score of 3 tracks in the top 4  ;)
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Congratulations KyLiE! I got ZCT254 on HunterBoy344's track lottery the other day, and it was a pretty enjoyable ride. I had hoped to see ZCT249 ranked a bit higher; in any case, those are fairly high ratings overall.


Thanks guys!  This was quite a nice surprise! :D


Congratulations, KyLiE!  And yes, we've had some pretty good tracks this year!  Although, thanks, guys, I'm glad to be in the track designer podium  ;D
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Quote from: Daniel3D on December 31, 2022, 09:53:20 PMCongratulations KyLiE, Cas and overdrijf.
And to us Rolling stunts. With a good team score of 3 tracks in the top 4  ;)
In track designing it seems, basing on earlier ratings, that I am the weak side of the team, so I have to thank you... ;D