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Live races platform website

Started by Cas, July 20, 2022, 03:51:25 AM

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Well, folks. This is the little project I'm currently working in. I'm making a prototype for a platform to run our live races. As I've learnt to do years ago, I'm working exclusively on the functionality and won't do the looks until everything does what it's supposed to do. This first phase is about 80% complete. When I'm done with that, I'll create a basic look and I'll make it available for some live testing. Then, I'll do some debugging and once it's fully reliable, I'll get to making it look as it deserves.

The intention of the platform is:
  • To automate the track and replay uploading and handling during live races
  • To control the racing times
  • To create a historical database where we can go and look for previous live races

    While this will make it much quicker and more comfortable to get the right version of the track and upload your replays during a live race, I think that the classical way of posting here in the forum has something special, so probably, if this gives good results, a forum thread with the same information should also be created when a live race is held, I don't know. I'll let you guys know once it's up :)
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Erik Barros

I really love these live races, it would be really cool to have a platform and maybe even a competition.


It's here:
But I only added the details from two events. It can be tested, but we should make some simulations before actually using it for one, I think
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It's a really cool platform! I'm not using it for this event, because I'm trying out new rules and I want to have the freedom to deviate from the site's format more, but I'm happily joining for the next Le Stunts event using it!


It's still very experimental and I haven't done much about it for some time, but I'll be trying to make it stable for the time the next race comes
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