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Rallycross Regionals, October 21.

Started by Overdrijf, October 07, 2023, 11:03:55 AM

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Hello all!

It's time already for our next live race, and we're getting a little experimental with the rules. Welcome to the Rallycross Regionals. Prepare to have your memory tested as well as your driving skill. The rules for Stunts Rallycross are below, but first there is the order of picking the date.

Update: we picked Saturday October 21, 12:00 GMT.

Because my own evening as your host is blocked unfortunately the "Saturday afternoon in South America, late Saturday in Europe, early Sunday in Australia" option won't be contending. This means that we can pick between driving on Saturday at 12:00 GMT or Sunday at 12:00 GMT.

This should match with the following schedule, but be adviced that this weekend is very close to the usual dates for switching out of daylight savings time, so triple check when 12:00 GMT is for you!

•    09:00 Buenos Aires, São Paulo
•    14:00 Amsterdam, Budapest, Rome
•    22:00 Brisbane

The Rallycross regionals will consist of 3 races, on 3 tracks, with 3 different cars (or sets of cars), all of which will be revealed over the next two weeks.

But let me reveal the first track to demonstrate the principle. Somewhere hidden in a Finnish forest lies a track known only as Local Lap. We will race on it using... oh Otto so many new cars... any car from the tier 1 muscle car pack by Alan Rotoi, the Plymouth Superbird, Dodge Charger or Pontiac GTO. Driver's choice.

You cannot view this attachment.
(The track will receive a last minute visual modification by a randomly selected participant, something you can see from the road that prevents pre-recorded replays from entering. In this case hopefully not a pine tree.)

Stunts Rallycross rules:

In Stunts Rallycross you have 8 minutes of real world driving time to finish a 5 lap race. Laps 1 through 4 are ended by driving through the tunnel, lap 5 is ended by going across the finish line, finishing the race. At least one of these 5 laps must be a joker lap, using the longer way around. The joker lap will always start by going straight at a large split. There will never be another point in the track where you can make the same choice.

The winner of a race is the fastest valid drive measured in total ingame time (driven + penalty). Given that most of these live races become videos now I don't think we really need to confirm validity during the event, as an invalid lap would get caught eventually, but a run is valid if:
1 it's 5 laps;
2 at least one lap is a joker lap;
3 there was no dual way switching*;
4 It was posted within 8 minutes of the race start;
5 It was driven on the version of the track with the last minute visual modification;
6 The finish time and penalty time are confirmed. Finish time will usually be the replay length minus one second. A replay with a delay of shorter than one second is legal, as long as the actual finish time is stated correctly.

*for now at least, a future change could be that any lap that starts by choosing the joker lap counts as the joker lap.

(End of Stunts Rallycross rules.)

Each race of course has its own winner, but the Rallycross Regionals will also feature an overall podium. Contenders will be ranked on total in-game time (driven + penalty) across all three tracks.

Practicing the tracks is allowed, pre-recording runs is not.


Ooooh, I like your plan! ;D  Both Saturday and Sunday should work for me.

Any rules around dual-way switching?


Quote from: dreadnaut on October 07, 2023, 02:28:22 PMAny rules around dual-way switching?
I... see what you mean.

As tempting as it is, I don't think the joker lap concept works very well if I allow that.

I should also go back and specify that the total ingame time counts, driven time plus penalty time.


So, the replay has to be posted within 8 minutes, meaning that we don't do 8/12 anymore, right?  I mean, 8 minutes is the "hardware time". Software time will have to be shorter... maybe 6 to 7 minutes, to give enough time to post the replay, right?

I'm OK with both Saturday and Sunday. One important thing to point out is that Sunday 22, we will be voting here and I go voting with my dad and we usually do it in the morning. So while possible for me to do it on Sunday, I'm much more inclined towards Saturday.
Earth is my country. Science is my religion.


Driven time should be somewhere around 1 minute per lap for each track. The 8 minutes is indeed real world time from everyone ready start to posting.

Erik Barros


Second track: Grindhouse

I have mentioned before how I'm at least almost half as big a fan of the Riptide GP series as I am of Stunts. I've been working on an adaptation of their most square and 90 degree angled track for a while, and now that I have the rules for this event I've made a version that works with those.

You cannot view this attachment.

Be adviced that while dual way switching is disallowed, regular "skip less than three elements and you won't get penalty time" shortcuts are allowed. The intended line for the joker lap is to jump to the chicane (or to somewhere around there, have fun with it), not to slow down and drive the two small corners. (You can if you want to, but it feels like the slower option.) The jump after that is optional (in regular laps as well as in joker laps) but fully legal.

The car we'll be using is Ryoma's Lancia LC1. A fast car that should leave you with plenty of time to finish this race.

The third car and track might take a little while to get ready, I've got some work to do.


I'm in!  Interesting rule change!  I'm available on both Saturday and Sunday. :)


I'm so in! If you ask me I prefer the Saturday because the Sunday is elections day.


Now with logo.

Also, it looks like this will be on the Saturday. Because while we drive cars, elections drive democracy.



Okay, so Saturday it is, I'll add that to the opening post.

I also have the third track! Club Zandvoort is modeled after the 90's era "Club Circuit" layout of the Zandvoort Grand Prix track. (The bottom half of the present day lap.)

You cannot view this attachment.

The car we'll be driving is the DAF Siluro Turbo Spec. The thing is: that car hasn't been released yet. I was hoping to have it done today, but alas. But not all is lost! Attached to this post is version 0.0 beta of this car, a practice version for people wishing to compete in next Saturday's event. Mechanically it should* be identical to the final version, but the final version will have things like, oh, a 3D model. Details really.

Where the kart and the DTM cars were designed around my strengths, with this one I created something closer to my own kryptonite. It's a very slippy and slidey medium fast car, and I can't even claw back a few seconds with manual shifting because the car doesn't do shifting. The variomatic differential does provide some extra grip on dirt, ice and even grass though, so that might be useful for cutting a corner or two.

I'll see you all next Saturday. Have fun practicing! (Or, you know, acing the last week of the current Zakstunts track.)

*= No promises.


Earth is my country. Science is my religion.


Dropping by to confirm I'll be here on Saturday :)


It would be cool to have a Stunts version for download with all the cars and tracks for this event.