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Started by zaqrack, August 11, 2003, 09:15:48 PM

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this is a topic about the new game
seems like somebody finally thought stunts is worth a sequel.

I'm sure I won't play with it, I don't have and won't have such a computer for a long time, and also the original stunts is always no1 for me, it cannot be repeated, the bugs make it unique.

I'm unhappy because less people will play with stunts when this game will be out, and I'm happy because it might attract some people to stunts competitions as well.

we have to advertise in crashday forums when the game is out :)


I don't think less people will play Stunts when it comes out... and their site is very very slow even though their graphics are better :D
But we can't be quite sure.


I'm in the game for 11 years now. I startet racing contests in 1997 at Lukas Loehrer's competition. After he retired I opened our contest in 1998. And we had really many drivers. But now I think the community even increased, it is very vital, many pipsqueaks know each others since years, some new ones enter the "scene" - it's fantastic. As long as contests exist and dedicated people like you do something and as long operating systems support DOS the fascination of Stunts will not die. Think of me, I'm 33 and still racing. Not much, not good, but for fun! And a new three months contest will reopen next year I'm planning. It must be love and I think Zak is right, the bugs make the game. And the racing feeling, which is really good despite the terrible graphics. Yes, must be love. Stunts will last as rock'n'roll will never die :) A racing game which is alive after twelfe years and which people try to get by racing seriously, this is a wonder - old, but you don't see its age.  :!:


After we die who will play with stunts? Our children??? :D
I'm imagine when I'm 70 I will play stunts with my grandchild in the living room. LOL. Then stunts will be 82 years old. :))) LOOOOL
The "Messiah"


...which machine will you use then? Your grandchildren will not like to play grandfahres old crappy stuff, or will they? Maybe then we'll find Stunts in a museum of ancient pc games...  :lol:


The "Messiah"


JTK said :
QuoteThink of me, I'm 33 and still racing.
Well, I'm 33 too.
And I discovered Mindscape's v1.0 of the game when I was a student at the beginning of the 90's.
And I still play, and I manage (irregular) comps too.
Age doesn't matter, the interest of a game pass throught ages.

Fernando Brito

I agree with you guys. I'm 24 now, I play since I was 13,  gee! And for coincidence the 1.0 release of stunts is right on my birthdate! october 5...

I never  stopped  playing for more than a few months this entire time!  Why I still prefer Stunts instead games like EA-F1-2003 or GP-4? Ok! They're fine, but they are not Stunts!!! They dont run at 320x200x256!!! They haven't the bugs that made Stunts an unique game. Skid, Bernie, Cherrie, Otto, Helen sounds like family to me.

But in the other hand, I'm waiting for a sequel to Stunts. Who never wondered how it would be if Stunts had the same soul but with a more powerful graphics engine? And if this new game is being made by people who captured the stunts soul?  Why not to compete online? Why not we Stunts lovers, after 12 years, may receive a new gift? I hope this game be everithing I imagine, perhaps I gess it won't be...  Stunts is a masterpiece!
[Fernando Brito]


jeje you are right! It is a great game and the competitions idea are greater than the game itself.

I would like to see a version of stunts with skins, a skin car editor, different trees/houses, maybe some new obstacles... but not a super megagame where is only possible to run with a pentium 4 or faster. Why to do a game like that if is possible have fun with our buggy stunts?
Skid, Joe, Cherrie, Otto, Helen sounds like family to me. But Bernie...hmmm I don't know him :D


Well I took a deeper look (try It seems like there are some features we miss at this game:

- track designer with self designed (!) tiles
- self designed cars
- crashing part-by-part
- LAN- and Internet races!

To me it looks like they took the best out of Stunts and put it together. I will definitely test this game. And I hope, buyers of Crashday will remember the old Stunts and enter our community.

As I wrote before, I'll never stop racing Stunts but why not testing the new?  8)


I just entered the crashday forum and now try to get as many people bach to Stunts as possible. I found many questions about Stunts there, like where to get or what is Stunts and why do people still play it. Good place to answer to those  8)

al il professore

i know direct links like that are forbidden... is allowed :)

this game is more and more deceiving. once it will get on the stores, it wont have any success, because its a hardcore specialist game. its only chance is to stay close to stunts and get the same success than it... that is .... non commercial. But its conceptors doesnt use the net to develop a cummunity (yes, cum is life) like we are, for example, but with more audience, and restricted to the internet, forgetting the idiot game press and games demos like ECTS, E3... these are stupid enough to think the key to success is up the ground audience. i guess no better success for crashday will be better than undergrounds...

Perhaps they could put some people in the cars and make them die with bloody scenes... and add a bunch of dying animated spectators with more fire explosions and gut spreaded walls. Then people will get what it wants: reality gaming (isreality TV wave: the more a terror attack is TV sexy, the more audience it gets, the more it strikes) and a DOOMesque diffusion for crashday.

I even remember seeing doctor Green playing Doom during a Emergency Resident episode. They attacked video games on TV by these times: TV audience would fall if every kids play video games??? Now the problem of killing video games evaporated :)

Now seriously: crashday can stand by itself, no need of TV, skid the media  and ads.

My hero is Robert de Niro in Brazil
It is reasonable to expect that genetic influences on traits like IQ should become less important as one gains experiences with age. Surprisingly, the opposite occurs.


Hmmm... somehow there are very respectful questions about Stunts in the crashday forum, but they seem not to enter our community. Folls. Here they could learn...



And when this game will finally be available ???
TrackMania sequel (called TrackMania Sunrise) will be there in April 2005, that is even before CrashDay beta demo :!:
But TrackMania and CrashDay were both in developpement at the same period. :lol:


Krys: I wanted to ask this question long-long time ago... I really wonder about that game!