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Damage Inc.

Started by Krys TOFF, December 27, 2003, 01:26:10 AM

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Now it' official : starting the 1st of January 2004, I'll be member of this team.

If you want to know who co-created this team with me, check THIS movie trailer.
Beware : it's a big (around 1.3 Mb) GIF file, made picture per picture, and people with slow connetcion (like me) should dl it and watch it from their hard drive.

Enjoy. :wink:


Hmmm, that's strange...  :roll:

a week ago CTG offered me to join his team. What about that, now???
"Why can't we not be sober?"


Well, I started to make this trailer 2 weeks ago, before CTG talked with you.
I finished it because I said CTG I'll make it, but no problem if you want to join. :D It's just that I can't add a 3rd car in the trailer... :roll:


Nice gif! Nice Matrix-like effect :) Although somehow I guess one of the cars (the red one) was driven by Skid Vicious and not by you... 8)


Well, I must admit I drove only 1 one the cars : the yellow one. :wink:
But the other one was driven by Helen, not Skid, because he was slightly too fast and I missed him on the jump. So I choosed Helen.
And I'm sure CTG is happy to have been represented by her. :lol:

al il professore

Everything starts after a big explosion, but it never starts from nothing... it starts with the destruction of the thing that was before.

Confucius.  :wink:
It is reasonable to expect that genetic influences on traits like IQ should become less important as one gains experiences with age. Surprisingly, the opposite occurs.


Well, even if new name is Damage Inc., my goal wasn't, isn't and won't be to destroy Orion.
I told it more than once before : Mingva and Alain are Orion's core, ice and fire (in this order :wink: ).
When you are both motivated, you are unstoppable.
Now, if you split, it's your own choice... :roll:  :shock:  :(
But I hope you won't.

Post-Scriptum : If you want to answer this topic, it's better to do it in Orion topic instead of Damage Inc. one. :wink:


Ok, if there is nobody who doesn't want me not to (a little too much "nots" maybe?  :roll: ) , I'll join Damage Inc. now  :D

Now a question to my teammates: Which competitions do we race?
And do I have to race all of them, too? I could get into trouble with my time, then
"Why can't we not be sober?"


OK, you are welcome!   :wink:

We race in several competitions, but I think Zakstunts and UnskilledStunts are the main ones for the team. Krys also races in Stunts LOL, but I suggest you should race only in the first two or three comps at the beginning. If you become faster and if you need less time to make a really good rpl, then you can join all competitions. But it's really your choice...  :)


Welcome aboard Damage Inc. ship Diesel Joe. :D

Personnally, I want to race ALL Stunts competitions I know (including those not from this community like HOTU comp). Because I like to race on Stunts, just for pleasure. :wink:

CTG wants to have good team results in USC (his comp) and ZakStunts (most popular, and so most difficult comp), but me I just wanna have fun racing. 8)
If I like the car/track, I race hard. If not, I race less and so achieve lower results... It's a question of personnal motivation.

For a beginning, I do not aggree with CTG : racing less competitions will maybe make you better on this track but it also can make you feel bored after one month racing always the same track...
As a newbie, I choosed to see different tracks, different cars and learn, learn, learn... Each car has its own driving. The more you race, the more you learn. But of course it takes time... :roll:

Also, teamwork is a key to fast and easy learning :
1st, race the track by yourself and search for shortcuts.
Then, watch teammates replays you'll receive, and try to find other improvements.
With all shortcuts idea the team can reach good results.
That's why joining a team is important.

About regularity : it's better racing regularly in competitions, especially on less popular competitions like Stunts LOL (that's how I became champion last year in Stunts LOL) to earn the max of points.
Earning points makes you feel better and drive faster (psychologic effect, just my opinion).
On ZS (ZakStunts) it's different : there are 13 tracks per year but your 2 worst results won't count. That means you can miss 2 races without loosing points. Useful for summer break. :wink:

Well, that's all. Again I spoke too much instead of doing my job. Let's go back to work !


OK, you talked about teamwork and sending each other the replays...
I only have CTG's e-mail-adress, I cannot find yours.
Maybe it would be good if I could already see your replays. In spite of not having time (exams, exams, ...) I tried Zak's Z34 and CTG's Kaposvar (I guess that was the name) but my times were not so really good and I didn't find that good shortcuts.
Please do not think I don't want to try by myself, I really did a lot today!
I guess it would be good to see some more experienced drivers.

Question: Are there maybe any regularities when and where shortcuts might be on a track? I've searched the whole terrain (nearly) but nearly everytime f***ing penalty!

"Why can't we not be sober?"


I'll send replay soon... like now! :)


Thanks CTG

Hmm, some of the small shortcuts were like mine, but, especially on ZCT34 - how do you get SUCH STRANGE IDEAS???      :shock:  

And again to the question of my last post - what can you tell me about any regularities where shortcuts might be found?


"Why can't we not be sober?"


The ideas are not as strange as they look - we're taking advantage of a bug in Stunts that allows you to switch from anywhere on one way to anywhere on the other way. So you just have to do that in the fastest and/or shortest possible way.
But we can't be quite sure.