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Title: 08 - Run Forrest Run!
Post by: alanrotoi on July 31, 2022, 10:06:56 PM
August brings a fast track and for this ocation Daniel prepaired a special pack of 7 cars: 2 F1 cars, 4 INDY cars and a very special bonus car, a 5th INDY! :o :o :o Keep reading my friend.

Your first option is the classic almighty Porsche/March INDY ! Nothing to add. You can also take the option of Ferrari 637, Ryoma's superpowered big nose INDY (be careful, it has power gear too!). The other two Indy are from the "what if Porsche/March doesn't have power gear" pack, the well known Lola/Cosworth Indy one of the protagonists cars at the last live race and the brand new Penske/Chevrolet Indy, built to debut at this event.

About F1 cars you have two options, the good old McLaren Honda MP4/4, the one with Marlboro paintjob, designed by the best in my honest opinion, Zapper. The other F1 option comes from the hundred cars man, Ryoma. It's his red Ferrari 641 also making its debut!

Special guest car!: The father of the custom cars
What about the 7th car of this race?? Well, like the seventh son of a seventh son here is an ancient beast of the Stunts competitions: 4D Contest Car by Lukas Loehrer is back on track. The Contest Car is a slightly tuned up version of Porsche March Indy developed by Lukas Loehrer for the 1.0 versions of the game." now adaptated for the standard Stunts version 1.1. It is one of the oldest custom cars and certainly the first used for competition. As this is the Custom Car Championship this car was a "must". :)

I hope you'll enjoy the battle of this month. You can race with all cars if you want. Join us here:

Also you can check the cars in the Stunts wiki:
Title: Re: 08 - Run Forrest Run!
Post by: Cas on July 31, 2022, 10:37:52 PM
I already have a replay prepared for the opening!!! :)
Title: Re: 08 - Run Forrest Run!
Post by: Daniel3D on August 02, 2022, 08:35:52 PM
I made an oopsie when I setup the race. That causes the scoreboard not to show.
So, replay files are loaded into the scoreboard, but it isn't showing up.
We have a fix, but I am not at home so I can not access the FTP server at the moment.

It's fixed again. Thanks to CAS and KyLiE for their quick response and support.
Title: Re: 08 - Run Forrest Run!
Post by: alanrotoi on August 23, 2022, 03:10:11 PM
The race has finished! KyLiE was the fastest with both F1 cars ( Ferrari 641 and Mclaren Honda). I felt INDY cars were faster but anyway he took the lead and both 1st and 2nd fastest times respectively. A surprise was Penske Chevrolet INDY in its debut, built trying to make it "worse" than Lola Cosworth but all pipsqueaks did it a bit faster with Penske.

Another detail is about the "tunel rule" wich makes all cars balanced. The difference between power gear cars always is big but with this rule power gear was just a boost. Interesting rule we should take in mind.
Title: Re: 08 - Run Forrest Run!
Post by: Daniel3D on August 24, 2022, 12:48:57 PM
Hi everyone.
This was indeed an interesting race. Unfortunately I still have computer issues and I cannot give it priority over family, work and schooling because I have a backup chromebook. And I still have very limited time for this.

As for the tunnel rule (and the added restriction of not exploiting barrier bugs).
Those came from personal preference. I am not technical enough to drive a good owoot or gar lap.  Freestyle is easier to drive but those who can exploit thr game mechanics can do things that are unreachable to me.  The difference is sometimes enormously big. And although I like to follow the competition, I don't like to participate because of the difference.
In the rules of ccc i attempt to tone down the freedom to lessen the difference. Theoretically there are more pipsqueaks that could win.  And with more cars to score with i believe this can become very interesting with more pipsqueaks.
Title: Re: 08 - Run Forrest Run!
Post by: Cas on August 25, 2022, 07:41:23 PM
I thought I had posted with all cars, but then, it turned out I had forgotten to do it with the Contest Car :(
Anyway, it was a very fun race and a good track with fast cars, like I enjoy the most!