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My ideas about competition future.

Started by Argammon, February 17, 2004, 12:31:41 AM

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Regarding zaks news.

First of all I would like to say I think that's a pity.

IMO the change does not have to be that radical:

1)Zak stays the main man in charge of the competition:

2)The month tracks would be done by the whole community.That means who wants to do the track can do so under the rule that his time does not count on that special month!
And as I hate all the cheating allegations the tasks of the track maker of the month would be

a)create the track
b)At the end of the month analyze replays (just take 5-10 from leading time battle) if ANYONE thinks someone is cheating.If that analyze brings up evidence action has to be taken.If NOT calling someone cheater is not allowed and action will be taken also!

3)Chat/Forum moderator:
From day X there will be an announcement that insulting and flames are not allowed aside from some 'harmless' bragging!
If someone ignores this the consequence will be a warning and the next consequence will be 1 week ban and so on.
(I think if Zak had done this earlier this would be a far more peacefull place!)

The person would need:

a)To be 'fair' to anyone of course,regardless if friend or foe is involved

b)Not have the JTK attitude:That means to say: 'Both of you stop,or both of you will get banned' That is not going anywhere and is probably unfair to the one who did NOT start.
Imo it would be very easy to see if someone is asking for trouble AFTER that announcement was made and thus it shouldn't be hard to see who deserves a warning and who merely reacted!
Ofcourse overreaction should not be tolerated either.

I don't think we need more than that.That way there would be no fights on the forum/chat and we would not have any cheater cheater crying or people who think that the tracks are getting boring because they are all the same (regardless if this is true or not)

My 2 cents,seriously this time.Please take some time to read and consider..


Edit: That is from my experience managing a gaming league few years ago.And IMO it works perfectly well...........


Yeah, sounds cool and I agree. But I don't think it will stop flame-warriors Akoss Poo and CTG :(


And there's my ideas (almost the same as Argammon's):

1) month track can create everyone, and site manager choose one from them;
2) all rpls after race is available for public use (already done from z34 race). If someone suspect somebody about cheating, he should write an analysis/review about it comparing rpls and etc. If majority of pipsqueaks as well as Zak will agree with cheating, result from cheater(s) must be deleted plus adding a warning. Two or three warnings per season - all results are deleted (like was with Schumi in F1 for wrecking);
3) contest lovers helping to Zak with stats/reports, etc. For example, I could do a post-race analysis;
4) no offensive words in chat/forum about personal life (only bragging/insulting related to race & Stunts).

al il professore

my opinion:

jealousy ;)

I regret, but this is already done like this:

1. zak moderates the forum, he warns braggers, and bans if it goes way too far. Let me remind you that CTG and AKOSS almost paid it cash recently. And more of that, a moderator solution is not needed, because sometimes those idiots think they have a special power, like the nuclear weapon and ban people for nothing. IMO a forum with 40 posts per day from 40 different people, will need a moderator. This one doesnt.

2. zak allows people to make the month tracks, i want to illustrate this argument by akosses and alanrotoi's participation to zakstunts track design last year. If you are shy it is your problem, but you still can submit your track to zak everymonths.

3. zak tests all the replays and scans them for cheating everymonths since the competition began, and i have a personal experience to tell about it: long time ago i sent a replay where i used a special feature of video display and he noticed it.

perhaps some of you were not here when it happened........... ............ ............ or come down from another planet suddenly with revolutionary ideas that were already zak ideas ...................... ..................... ...................... bye, think about what you post. Alain
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Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

Pleeeeease admit your cheating and I will stop flamewaring. You can continue it, too, but let us know that we are fighting against cheating times.


There were several times when our side was hurt:
- in July 2002, I asked Zak not to put my ZCT Plus 2 rpl to the scoreboard, but he put it (I didn't want to pay 200 forint more to go to Net Caf? again in the quiet days)
- I won TDC 2002, but I couldn't design the tracks of the amateurs in 2003 for some reason
- if somebody dropped to amateur, he could gain a pro result last year, and it wasn't in the original rules
- ZCT 22: Zak said time for this track is one day shorter, Usrin couldn't improve his time in the weekend
- Orion blamed CTG with ghost stories, although it was finished in November 2002, CTG almost decided to retire because most of the people considered him dishonest because of it
- Myron's cheating was almost proven (the Crazy Driver scandal wasn't more proven, but it was punished), for newbies: Alain created his ZCT 27 replay, and it was almost proven
- Zak watched Usrin's fabulous ZCT 29 replay
- Zak didn't announce a winner at TDC 2003 (because I won)
- Mingva started to be racist when he didn't get ZCT 31 leading time bonus, he said very punishable words about Hungarians, but he wasn't punished... later when we were racist, we were frightened with permban
- Mingva continued telling off Hungarians, he said he hoped that most of the Hungarian drivers would die... again no punishment, but once we was racist, we were frightened with permban
- Zak creates tracks for himself, and his asslickers, always the same elements, although he knows that we hate it (that's why ZakStunts is the only competition where I couldn't won a race)
- we voted for new point system, but he decided to annihilate the result of it, because it wasn't him who created poll, but it influenced him (strange), and chose Mingva's silly point system
- he want to punish racism and flamewaring, but doesn't care about heavy suspicious replays, actions (cheating); he develops his page, the system, creates automatic track designer instead of trying to keep the peace and chase the sinners (cheaters)
- when we felt we have enough, let's attack hard, he wants to escape...

Sorry if I forgot to write something.
Zak, you still feel you are 100% neutral and honest? I think you shouldn't. Maybe some drivers can understand why we are attacking so hard. We need to make a compromise somehow, Zak shouldn't escape, this is the solution of the weak people. Zak please explain, don't escape or deny. We need the reasons.

But if he wants to go, let him go. Let us create the championship: one or two people who already designed a site can design the site (Rotoi or Krys, who are around the neutral point, maybe KHR, JTK, but if they can't, Mingva or CTG). Another month, another track designer (not like the egoist Zak). Different track styles. We vote for the point system. ZCT 34 results are counted (and 35 too if it finishes). It would be our ultimate common main competition. It would work without Zak. Maybe not professional php site, but who asked him to do that? We would live without it! Forever fair racing! We would also work on a system to filter the cheated replays.

Strong people doesn't say 'I retire now'. To annihilate doubts: I will stay, don't hope I would go.
Chürműű! :-)

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I could reply to Akoss post but it's senseless to explain something to narrow minded person  :?


I think the way you are treating Zak here is not fair.
First of all nobody is perfect and I'm 100% sure Zak did not want to give advantage to ANYONE!And if he makes tracks you are bad at that is not because he wants to be unfair to you,BUT because everyone has a personal style to design tracks and maybe zaks style is not good for you!
But that is not UNFAIR from zak but just bad luck!
I think just flaming people now is not getting us anywhere.Try to be calm and reasonable please!

To Alain:

1)I think you are very right that zak should stay in charge and continue it.But I think you should understand if Zak is fed up after all this trouble!

Do you remember all the fights on the boards?Sorry there is a need of a mod.Yes I am aware some mods are feeling overpowered here is my suggestion.

Zaks task would be to control the mod.That would mean if the mod gets out of hand and does not warn/ban people because of flames,but just because he likes to do so or whatever.The mod would be warned -> next step replaced.

2)I think I would be capable to test the replays as far as it is possible.I think you are also,same about zak.Not sure about the others.....
IMO Zak should NOT be the one analyzing the rpl's every month because people would call him off to be unfair ETC.IMO the track designer should do it.


Quote from: "Mingva"I could reply to Akoss post but it's senseless to explain something to narrow minded person  :?

same here. I could reply but theres no way he'd understand what I want to say. Again.


Congratulations to all. This is the end, I don't know the end of what but it is. Everybody said what they think now what? Nice Stunts Meeting you'll have... it will be a street fight.

Think about Loehrer's comp or Kalpens, I guess they were more happy at the time to race. I love this forum it's one of the best things in this community but it's true it is the headquarter of the insults. I would like to know if closing it for a month it will help in something.

I only want to add my experience as manager of a competition. The manager gives love making the site and the track, and this love is back when he receives a replay. That's the relationship between manager/pipsqueak and that's why all the competitions exist. If this "love" desapears the manager's will desapears with the competition.

al il professore

loerher and jtk eras had their fights :) for example, the great pipsqueak CAP was a bad loser, and stopped playing in stunts competitions because he didnt win it, as mark nailwood and him were in a draw score and the season was not over

I think argammon is right the more i read him, the more i think high about him.

I think akoss poo will have to make apologizes, sooner or later :)
It is reasonable to expect that genetic influences on traits like IQ should become less important as one gains experiences with age. Surprisingly, the opposite occurs.

Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

Quote from: "al il professore"I think akoss poo will have to make apologizes, sooner or later :)

ME???????????? Are you blind? You have to wait for my apologize.......
Chürműű! :-)

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al il professore

okay, but sooner or later we all need your apologize to go on racing and only racing.
It is reasonable to expect that genetic influences on traits like IQ should become less important as one gains experiences with age. Surprisingly, the opposite occurs.


Quote from: "Argammon"b)Not have the JTK attitude:That means to say: 'Both of you stop,or both of you will get banned'

Hey, that NEVER was or is my attitude! I am a fighter against banning! When I say both of you stop that was meant to calm people down! I hate bans, I had experienced to be banned on my own in the "old" Stunts forum.

By the way, IMHO best thing is to concentrate on what we came for into this community: SHUT UP AND RACE STUNTS! I don't care if someone hexedits or cheats only to win, his championship will always have a bad taste for him for he knows what he did. I don't care whether I win a whole contest or not as long as I have FUN racing! Now back to the race for me, I have to send in a time some day this month :)


Quote from: "JTK"SHUT UP AND RACE STUNTS! ... have FUN racing!
There's nothing else to add.