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What's up here lately?

Started by Argammon111, July 19, 2004, 03:46:02 PM

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I forgot my password *shrug* and can't be assed to see if there's a lost password function? Does not matter anyways :) But now to the point:

How's racing nowadays?Gutix still performing strong?I can see Alain is back........

Anyways,happy racing mates :)



everyone is preparing for the meeting as hell :)
lost password function: just tell the webmaster to giver you a dummy password, and then you can change it in your favor .)


Yes, Gutix is winning because you're missing! Get back on the road with the rest of us :D We missed you at the meeting, by the way - and it was a great meeting.
But we can't be quite sure.


Yep it would be cool to see him in the scoreboard. BTW we have list of pipsqueaks but we would make a "come back list". I can say AndreGEO is back since few hours :).

The 1st come back I remember was Argammon's October 2002. Then Rui Figueiredo's, Kalpen Bros., Fdzierva's 2003. Hmmm I can't remember more come backs, could you help me?


I had a small comeback in November 2001, after having been away since June...
Then there were JTK and KHR who suddenly returned last year...

CAP made a comeback when the ISA opened in April 2002, after having been out since Kalpen Competition ended (September 2001).
But we can't be quite sure.