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ZCT 46 tracks proposal

Started by Krys TOFF, November 18, 2004, 11:36:55 PM

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Nice close match on top 2-5 places:

2 CTG Damage Inc.  1:28.65 manual 12-14   16:10 16
3 Bonzai Joe Cork`s Crew  1:28.70 manual 12-12   01:50 14
4 Stunts Oracle MeganiuM Aces High  1:28.75 manual 12-10   07:57 12
5 Zak McKracken Cork`s Crew  1:28.80 manual 12-10   15:31 10


I don't know the others but zak's and mine are really our best. That's very interesting.


Quote from: "alanrotoi"Excellent fight between Caesar, AbuRaf and Dinnor!!

Thank you..

Mind you, I will win it.  :twisted:
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my best is 1:28.65 at the moment


You can try Dinnor but remember AbuRaf is racing hard!



Thank you very much, by the faith that me you have... :D
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al il professore

alanrotoi always bet on the good cars
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