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ZCT 46 tracks proposal

Started by Krys TOFF, November 18, 2004, 11:36:55 PM

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Thanks to all by the welcome... :D

In spite thet BonzaiJoe not believes me, actually I have 70 years...

To ask Alan Rotoi that it knows me and group in their hits your competition :wink:


I'm just saying that the picture is fake :D But never mind, Stunts is for everyone. Race to prove that 70 is the perfect age for a superb Stunts pipsqueak! I'm sure I'll be racing hard in Zakstunts 2055...
But we can't be quite sure.


Embittered and ashamed ...   :evil:   :oops:

For mistake use the track ZCT 45 and send wrong the replay  :oops:

This alone passes to him/her/you to one of 70 years...   :(

I request excuses to Zak and to all the corridors...

I request to Zak that it remove my time from 2:02:00   :oops:

I will begin of new with ZCT 46..

Regards     AbuRaf70    :wink:
Por largo que sea el camino, siempre comienza con el primer paso.


time removed, better luck next time! :)


Man, I don't like this track! It is not for newbies or for "few trys" pipsqueaks. This is for an exaustive RH. I can't enjoy.

And I don't like that other pipsqueaks tested the track before it was published. It is not right and unfair. The designer is allowed to do it for obvious reasons :P


Alan, you collected a bad point... after 10 you will get a black point... after 10 black points you will get a blue point... after 10 blue points you will get a red point... after 10 red points you will get a bad point... :D

(freestyle version after Atta, master teacher of chemistry)


:?:  :?: errr... ok :D :smt104

I think if people will race this track it will be only for the car. :(


Thank you very much, Zak...  :D
Por largo que sea el camino, siempre comienza con el primer paso.


Thanks Krys by presenting my photo of 4DSL...   :D

BonsaiJoe, in my photo the hull this in assembly photo but my face is of truth is of 70 years...   :D

Regards...   :wink:
Por largo que sea el camino, siempre comienza con el primer paso.


I must whoeheartly agree with Alan on 1)That it is VERY unfair that CTG raced the track before it got published and 2)About his opinion on the track.


Quote from: "CTG"Just to know: I asked the track for a fast test because Akoss wasn't sure it's easy enough to be a competition track.

You must think we are stupid.
If he was not sure he could send the track to zak!


I don't think CTG expects anyone to believe his lies... I agree it's ridiculous that CTG got the track before us, but it's just a game... Maybe there are prizes, but CTG is too slow to win one, so never mind.
But we can't be quite sure.


Ok I hope it wasn't true. I hate cheats and lies.

al il professore

who cares about cheats and lies? when we are dead and gone?

let them speak, let them do. ctg is a stunts hero, he won the last race. did you see his replay? its wonderful.

but i doubt a wacky rpl from me,  alanrotoi or argammon would have been slower than CTG's :)
It is reasonable to expect that genetic influences on traits like IQ should become less important as one gains experiences with age. Surprisingly, the opposite occurs.


Excellent fight between Caesar, AbuRaf and Dinnor!!