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Cars in common competition

Started by CTG, December 06, 2002, 02:25:58 PM

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1. I didn't built Alps :) I built... *CENSORED*

2. Zct plus 3 was with zak's rules and we used the INDY but we couldn't use manual transmission.... isn't the same that zct20 :( . If I have time I'll try zct20 with auto transmission. Now I guess is impossible make under 1:50.
I hope I'm wrong.


Now I guess is possible I just did 1:50.35 with auto trans.

I wonder how would be the times in Kalpen's if the drivers should used manual transmission in all the tracks. Because in zct20 is possible to do almost 8 seconds faster using the same way and tricks.

Who uses auto transmission always have disadvantage of the others. We can't do nothing about it. We can't say "you must use manual" or "you must use auto" (or yes?)

In my opinion a track with automatic only is a bit boring. The ability of the car can't be taken at all. The car is limited, like a school bus  :lol: . I hope Akoss won't use this rule in his tracks.

PS: Auto trans. replay available after the 31 of dec.

Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

Act 01 designed yesterday for the Porsche March Indy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Chürműű! :-)

816.79 km


But we can't be quite sure.


Good ! Indy is a good car, not my favorite, but good.
I can't wait to race on it.
But, please, create at least one track for IMSA cars during the year. They are my favorite cars and, even if they are not as fast as indy, they are not really slow cars.

Speed Racer

Yeah, I also like IMSA cars. Why isn't any competition for those cars :?:


There was a project about a live contest with IMSA Cars some months ago, but it was closed almost immediately. :cry:


Well, if i can find time to learn how to create html pages, i'll create one competition with IMSA cars. :wink:
One guy where i work have got Frontpage on his Office Pack.
I'll take it and try to do something with it during my holidays (starting the 24th to january the 1st).
Wait and see... :roll: