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what is your favorite car?

Started by al il professore, January 10, 2006, 02:04:27 AM

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al il professore

my favorite car is the indy car. WHY?

because it can fly at 245mph which is quite a mad speed. 394 km/h, apparently mach 0,32!

1. indy (the fastest power gear slides on earth)
2. melange (control bumps accelerations and LCD speed)
3. corvette (fast power gear and LCD speed)
4. GTO (power gear which allow magic slides)
5. acura (power gear and magic carpets)
6. porsche imsa (curve stability)
7. jaguar
8. lancia (acceleration in the grass slides)
9. audi
10. LM shit
11. countashit I CANT BEAR THIS stallin CAR
12. carrera porsche it slow, hopeless worthless
It is reasonable to expect that genetic influences on traits like IQ should become less important as one gains experiences with age. Surprisingly, the opposite occurs.


1. Jaguar XJR IMSA - perfect handling
2. Audi Quattro - slide and keep speed, yeah
3. Acura NSX - fun to steer having a semi-powergear
4. Porsche 962 IMSA - IMSA feeling rulez
5. Porsche Carrera - you must know how to drive the big nothing
6. Melange XGT-88 - close to the sweet IMSA cars
7. Chevrolet Corvette - very-very track dependent one
8. Porsche March Indy - quote Corvette
9. Lancia Delta Integrale - I liked it before Alain showed how to handle it on pro level...
10. Lamborghini LM002 - I can't enjoy that speed
11. Lamborghini Countach - ZakKrack's Crap Wreck
12. Ferrari GTO - ultra nightmare

Akoss Poo a.k.a. Zorromeister

1 Porsche 962 - fast and very easy to handle
2 Jaguar XJR9 - the same as above, a lil bit slower
3 Porsche March Indy - stallin fast and easy to handle, but sometimes unwanted powergear makes it difficult to use
4 Melange XGT88 - good car, it's like IMSAs, but the dashboard is disturbing, so under my hands, it doesn't act exactly like an IMSA car
5 Lancia Delta Integrale - good handling, fast after keeping speed over fast parts - the best of the slow cars
6 Lamborghini LM002 - this very slow car is never disturbing, although it's hard to really master this car
7 Audi Quattro Sport - I like to drive it, but however hard I try, it goes slow under my hands...
8 Porsche Carrera - boring, slow, not too good to handle
9 Acura NSX - quite bad handling, power gear which can be lost while turning
10 Chevrolet Corvette - exactly the same as Ferrari GTO, a bit better memories
11 Ferrari GTO - the same as Countach, but has power gear (+), which is very hard to control
12 Lamborghini Countach - shitty car, I can't enjoy it, always slides off when I drive it without replay handling, it needs maximum replay handling instead of skills
Chürműű! :-)

305.87 km


Original cars only :
1/ P.962
2/ indy
3/ Lancia Delta
4/ 'Vette
5/ Jag


1) Indy - why do people have IMSA cars as number one because they are easier to handle? The Indy has far better handling then the IMSA cars...
I love it because of the opportunities its speed and handling provide

2) Countach - this car's spinning skills makes it unique, and give you the opportunity to drive quite amazing laps. Also, it's a car for pros because it's so hard to steer

3) Porsche 962 - the classic race without power gear. Not as fun as WITH power gear, but still a good one

4) Ferrari GTO


6) Lancia

7) Jaguar - annoying because it seems like it's brilliant, but it's not THAT good.

8) Porsche Carrera

9) Corvette

10) Audi

11) Jeep (by far the most boring car, particularly because of its low and very easily attainable top speed)
But we can't be quite sure.

al il professore

It is reasonable to expect that genetic influences on traits like IQ should become less important as one gains experiences with age. Surprisingly, the opposite occurs.


1. The Indy! :)
2. The competition car 0.9 :-D
3. The Porsche 962 IMSA (to me it has the best handling apart from the  Indy)
4. Jaguar XJR (2nd fastest car)
5. The Corvette as cheat car (HUUAAAAAAHHH!!! :twisted: )

6. I hate all the others

7. All my hatred lies on the @#%&?$ Ferrari GTO. Such a crappy shit car, unuseful and nothing worth at all.



1. Porsche/March INDY (great handling, fast, great stunts + OWO/OTR (One wheel on / over the road) rule makes the best option).
2. Porsche 962 (stable, very fast, perfect stats so no surprices or bugs, just the car and you +  OWO/OTR (One wheel on / over the road) rule makes almost the best option)
3. Ferrari GTO (lovely power gear, full of surprises = too much fun and effort needed to make amazing tricks)
4. Acura (maybe the most surprising car, very hard handling, you need great skills/rh/time to keep the power gear up)
5. Porsche Carrera 4 (very interesting car, not tricky so it makes you work too much in the stunts elements)
6. Corvette (funny but very slow if you don't have elements to "cheat" the speed. It depends a lot on the track)
7. Lancia (the same as Corvette, but slower, a challenge but boring)
8. Countach (damn, I have to do the same stupid corner several times because the steer. The most bugged. It is funnier than lancia but in general the situation makes it worse)
9. Jaguar (hmm again this car (p962) but slower (acc), I never liked it at all but it is nice the IMSA feeling)
10. Audi (I almost can't speak about this car, it didn't seem atractive to me. I guess I raced only once in zak's with it)
11. Jeep (kill the designer, kill the designer, kill the designer)
12. Melange XGT-88 (I put my car in the last place only because it isn't an original car. I really like the design, the dashboard, the digital, the IMSA feeling, the stability on manual or automatic transm.)
13. Skoda (The designer didn't work to anticipate bugs, so it is full of them. It is fun to race twice, then delete it. ).