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And the winner is...

Started by Krys TOFF, May 21, 2006, 12:07:09 AM

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Eurovision song contest 2006 winner !!!
Excellent !!!
I think I'll start to like this contest. :-D
Go Lordi, go go ! Lordi be good ! :lol:


yep it was so great!

finally something good on that slimy, boring eurovision contest :)

I was cheering for them, and it was so funny to see as they were given flowers :)


But was their song any good? I tried to watch a part of the contest, but the songs were so bad that I couldn't stand it. I had to turn off the TV.
But we can't be quite sure.


it was some classic power metal - I quite liked it, and it was heaven compared to the other songs


Their music is classic hard-rock, not too heavy.
They are what Kiss or Alice Cooper would be if they started their carreer now instead of 30 years ago : classic hard-rock, but with monster disguise instead of face painting.
I knew this Finnish band was taking part of the contest, so I asked my wife (who was watching the whole contest) to call me when Finland will sing. It was funny to watch them singing just before a shakira clone. I also saw the French song (as bad as usual), and then came back to computer until my wife called me again during results when Lordi started to lead. Then I watched the rest of the point results and enjoyed it so much !
My wife prefered the Lithuanian song. I did not heard it, but she told me they were crazy, singing "we are Eurovision song contest winners, vote for us, vote for the winners". Lol, funny song it should be.


Well, let's hope it can serve as a big slap in the face of this ridiculous competition.
But we can't be quite sure.