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NORH-R3/2007 ? ?TRUTH?

Started by Mark L. Rivers, March 28, 2007, 09:52:29 PM

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Mark L. Rivers

The first SDR track entirely dedicated to NORH race is going to be published!  :)  It will be a truth-track. Yes, being simple (no critical point), short (around 65"), and demanding less time to reach a good performance (thanks also to the great grip of Indy  ;)), this track will permit to the drivers to be able to make many attempts than previous races to reach their best. So this track, which will start next 1st April at 00:01, will give us a more truthful answers about two important questions:

1) Who really have a great passion for this wonderful specialty?

2) Which is the real rank about NORH drivers?

If a Stunts driver likes NORH race and if he thinks to be fast driving from start to finish without RH, now he can demonstrate it!  ;)
Come on Stunts drivers, make a great show putting your heart in your NORH race!  :)


Great! That will allow me to fight or leading time from the first checkpoint as I usually have more free time at the end of the month. ;)
Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)

Mark L. Rivers

1st Checkpoint

We simply cannot stay without NORH race: I and Chulk soon on the track and he with a very low time yet!  :)   Yes, very fast time by Chulk which seems not to follow big strategies: right pedal down, great 1'05"55 and 1 bonus point got!  8)   Effectively, it appears a bit difficult that he will be able to catch other bonus points next CP. He should go down under 1'03"60 to catch them, but that time seems very hard to reach, maybe not impossible but very hard.  ::)   Anyway, Chulk's talent his the best showed unitl here, and he could reserve us a new great time conquering other bonus points! About me, I reached in the 1st week a time quite far, 1'08"70. But I've got 0,5 bonus point and I should have more possibilities to catch other ones. ;)   A best strategy? Difficult to say... let's see...   Anyway, it will be a great challenge, as usual, and if other driver will want to join sure it will be a dazzling show!  :)

Mark L. Rivers

There're no many words to describe him: Chulk is simply an alien!!!  :) :) :)  Incredible time by the argentinian champion who pulverizes his previous limit reaching a fantastic 1'02"15, a time which seemed unreachable!  :o :o   How can he succeed to be so fast after only 2 weeks? Pure talent at work, really a great champion!  :)  Moreover, leading at 1st and 2nd checkpoint with 2nd time 3% lower than 1st one, Chulk catches other 2 bonus points beside 1 bonus point for leading 1st checkpoint: 18 points is the provisional score for him! (By the way, see new column "Improvement Percentage" in Checkpoints Standings  ;)). Behind the alien, Mark L. Rivers succeeds to improve his previous time so to catch another 0,5 bonus point, but now there's an high gap between them: over 4".  ::)   Sure the italian driver can improve his time, but he really thinks not to be sure to succeed to approach current limit ???. Well, after Chulk-Alien's time maybe there's a concrete alibi for others drivers who won't go down on the track... Isn't it?  :D

Mark L. Rivers

The incredible leading time has been skimmed in the 3rd week by a terrestrial!  :) Trying to defeat the alien assault, I succeeded to approach Chulk?s time reaching 1?02?20, only 0?05 from current leader!  8) Chulk still leads but now he knows he can?t sleep quiet dreams?  ;)   What will last week of race reserve us about this one more time dazzling challenge? Who will be able to maintain firm nerves finding the right lap to win this involving race? Will Chulk succeed to firm his first success of the season? Or will I get my 3rd consecutive center? Well, it would be pleasant to consider other choices about final result, but no news from other drivers until here. The questions put at the beginning of this race seem to go towards the firsts sharp answers. But again 7 days to the finish: there?s still hope to see much more real Stunts passion at work, there?s still hope to see other real Stunts drivers in a real race!   ;)

Mark L. Rivers

Nothing to do against a great Chulk!!  :) :) :)  The master of last season returns to the victory with a superb victory, improving furtherly his time until 1'01"10!!  :o :o   Behind him, his wonted opponent, me  ;) (2nd, I didn't succeed to improve my previous time 1'02"20), and then a good Krys TOFF (3rd) with 1'07"30! As we know, he could race only in last 5 days, so his time is really appreciable. Checking the analysis, we can see how the argentinian champion has built his victory in section 2, where he succeeded to reach the powergear at the corkscrew.  8)  I didn't reach it, and two very fast section (1st and 3rd) haven't succeed to fill the big gap accumuled in section 2 (+ 1"55). Anyway, Chulk made a fast last section "jumping" last tunnel: great idea! And now Chulk reduces his gap in general classification: only 4,5 points from the vertex!  ;)


Too bad we were only 3 again...

Just one thing in "noRH race" page : my team is not MeganiuM Aces High. :P

Mark L. Rivers

Quote from: Krys TOFF on April 29, 2007, 07:49:21 PM
Just one thing in "noRH race" page : my team is not MeganiuM Aces High. :P
I'm seriously thinking to engage you as a perfect "copyholder"!   :D
And I'm obviously joking...  ;) 
Thanks!  :)