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ZCT 76 - Target

Started by Krys TOFF, May 21, 2007, 04:52:41 PM

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Mark L. Rivers

Well, so I was right. My first and current replay follows the pink line...  ;)


Quote from: Mark L. Rivers in ZakStunts website newsWell, clarifying rules had become necessary, but it's a pity.. Now all have, after only 2 days, an "on-line" help to know the fastest way to follow, so: 1) millisecond war and 2) not a big fun having to individuate how to avail the many bank-roads situated on the track...
Yep. Too bad CTG published this picture so soon in the month. I think this race should not last 1 month now, let's stop it 15th of June 21H GMT+2 (quiet days 14 and 15) and do another race for the remaining 15 days (or for 15th June to 15th July if you prefer).
I can provide a track and rule if needed Zak (see my PM sent a few days ago about Z77 possibility).

Quote from: Mark L. Rivers in ZakStunts website newsIf you crash your car just 2-3 seconds before you encounter the opponent?s car (which is coming in front of you), there?s the possibility that opponent?s car will crash against your car even if your car is yet crashed. In this way the opponent?s car crashes a bit after (than it would crash if you don?t crash before your car), but the replay will result 2-3 seconds shorter. Is that a valid replay?
The goal is to crash on Skid, not to crash and let Skid hit you after. So, to be valid, a replay must be stopped by your crash on Skid.

Quote from: Chulk in ZakStunts website newsDo I have to let the whole 4 seconds pass after the crash or do I have to stop it 1 second after?
Like for any other Stunts official race, you're not supposed to stop your replay before the game stops it. Depending of the way you crash on Skid and the speed you have, the replay may stops sooner or later after the crash. This is part of the game bugs you have to handle. I don't think stopping yourself the replay is fair.

Manual checking of replay would make possible to count the time your car starts crashing on Skid's car (first appearance of crash in the screen), but Zak has no time for that and automatic system can't manage that. So I suggest to let the replay finish by the game engine.

Another possibility would be to let me race the track (I'll have time thursday evening only I think, not tonight) and making my official final replay. Then I'll stop racing the track and you'll send me all your replays. I'll watch them and publish manually the official time when cars crashes. Problems :
- I don't have access to database to manage that
- it would mean to check and modify all replays already sent manually in scoreboard (this could affect leading time already gained)
- I don't have time to manage it after each replay sent, so scoreboard updates and leading times will not be perfectly managed compared to automatic system
Lots of work to do this and lack of time makes me think that letting the game stop the replay is the easier and more fair way.


Sorry for publishing the map but it was necessary because of leading time war.


Over already, too bad we all joined the milisecond race that soon... Anyway, I'm quite curious about the results, as I have no certainities about where I'll land on the scores.

Mark L. Rivers

Quiet days always make the wait for final results very thrilling ...  :)   It will be a bit hard to wait until wednesday... Even if I think CTG will get 15 points and 2 LTB points...  ;)


Pffff... no way. I couldn't improve with the new keyboard. But who said I had no 52.xx for ages hidden in my Stunts directory? ;D (kidding)


I suceeded in holding 4th place, that's very good... Now I'll watch the replays to find whether:
1. I'm still losing 1sec in every elevated corner,
2. My "perfect" strategy for the off road section was not that great,
3. Someone did the insane loopcut I failed to complete  :D.

Mark L. Rivers

Wow, I didn't thought to be so near to CTG with LM002... I'm really satisfied!  :)
And now I'm going to check the replays to know where I left 0"55...  ;)

Mark L. Rivers

Wow, Z76 analisys is really interesting. I was thought a quite specular race between me and CTG (0?55 the final gap), with him a bit fast than me in middle part, but the trend of our races was very different! I have succeed to lose 0?65 in firsts 16? (great? ::)) and the gap increases (thanks to a lower speed than CTG) until 1?25 after the landing on the tunnel, just before to leave the conventional track. Then the rescue, above all thanks to a different choice at final loop (approached with a gap still around 1?) that permit me to gain 0?45 in last  2?50 of the race!  :o   Really a pity for my awful 20?? But I?m sure happy for my 4th podium in last 4 ZakStunts races I take part. ;)


Indeed, the analysis is quite revealing. In fact, I'm actually happy for not having lost that much time at the on-road part (before the paths rejoin) - I was 3rd before the tunnel, although the gap to CTG and Mark by a reasonable margin. After that, my original choice of trajectory around the banked roads couldn't propel me further. In the end, it was not the milisecond race it seemed to be...


I thought my way was different than CTG's and Mark's buy now I see it wasn't. I should have spent more time trying to improve it.
Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)