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NORH - R6/2007 - "ADVANCED"

Started by Mark L. Rivers, June 27, 2007, 07:04:23 PM

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Mark L. Rivers


Three drivers in 0"30: never see before in NORH race!! Yes, exciting final for the 6th race of the season : in last hours Duplode skims again his first win stopping the chronometer at 1'20"20, 0"20 from the 2nd place conquered by Chulk (no improvements for him in last week), and only 0"30 from me (no improvements for me too)!  8)  One more time Krys TOFF has been penalized from not enough time to race. But his time could be very near to the podium without a very big mistake (at least 7" lost) at the end of Powergear tract.  ::)   Checking the analisys, we can see a strong Duplode in first half of race (fastest 1st and 2 section), leading at 2nd intermediate with 1" on Chulk and 1"20 on me. But, after a very low start, I changed gear making a 2nd part of race really fast, above all in last section. Chulk loss the race in 2nd section (maybe changing to the 5th gear too much early) and Duplode loss the race not in 4th section as I thought (even if he made a little error between bank-road and last tunnel) but in section 3, choosing a too much prudent line without cut towards the water. And now in the championship my vantage rises at 8,5 points. They are not still so much, but now Chulk have to react.  ;)   Will be the new SPEEDGATE XSD his revenge-tool? We'll know it beginning from next 1st Aug!  ;)