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NORH - R7/2007 - "EMOTIONS"

Started by Mark L. Rivers, July 30, 2007, 07:49:47 AM

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Mark L. Rivers


When you'll see the replay of the winner, you'll know that he maybe comes from another planet. You'll conclude having never seen a NORH race so perfect, so similar to a high quality RH race. Yes, Duplode conquers his first victory in a NORH race with a performance absolutely thunderous, fantastic, incredible!!!  :o :o :o :o :o  The brazilian ace results the fastest in every section giving abyssal gaps to the other known specialist. I'm 2nd at 2"90, Chulk is 3rd (no improvement in last week) at 3"85 and Krys TOFF is 4th at 8"95: what can we say more than this?  :o  But let's consider some data analizying the races. I succeed to limit the damage in section 1 (+ 0"05) and section 3 (+ 0"20) but he can nothing in section 2 (+ 1"75, really awful) and section 4 (+ 0"90). About Chulk, he cedes 0"55, 0"80 and 0"65 in first three section, but then he loses a lot in section 4 (+ 1"75). Difficult race, instead, for Krys TOFF as we had said, having raced only in last week with a absolutely new car. Yes, the car, Speedgate XSD, was new and this introduced more variables than previous race, but this can't absolutely reduce the monstruos performance of Duplode. Adjusting his guide to the new car more than other specialist, he has demonstrated one more time to be really a great NORH driver!  :) :) :)  About the general classification, the result of the race complicates the rescue of Chulk on me. The gap of the argentinian champion (very strange his absence in last week) is now rised at 11 points when only three races divide all to the finish. But, it was unthinkabe until here, there's another rescue that could happen: only 9 points divide now Duplode from Krys TOFF for the final podium. This means tha the french driver will have to race very hard in last three race to contain the new brazlian star. Let's see! The appointement is for the 1st September and we have to use the Jaguar XJR9!   ;)


Jaja, third time lucky I guess  ;D And Speedgate rocks; when one approaches the limit, it handles unlike anything else...


Congratulations to Duplode, Amazing driving man!!! Too bad you didn't join from the begginning or else NORH championship would be much more exciting than it already is!
Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)

Mark L. Rivers