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Párkány (USC 63)

Started by CTG, March 09, 2009, 10:03:41 AM

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I think penalty time given by the game can't be denied. We all know you can more or less follow the line and still be a couple of secs faster but get penalty. If we take that penalty time out, then you have a time 2 or 3 secs faster... I have nothing against Dstein, but rules are rules, and penalty time should be counted.
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Typical - I wasted an advantage of about one second at the loop by not caring enough about cutting the following banked corner... Interesting to see both Top 2 replays have unusual variations on the "random crashes during playback" bug - CTG's Corvette sometimes sinks into the lakes approaching the final section, while my car may stall the engine during a particularly hard PG turn near the end...