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ZakStunts 8.0

Started by zaqrack, June 26, 2009, 09:16:50 AM

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It's great! I love already!
Yes, it is me. No, I'm not back at racing (for now...)


and here is today's present:

possibly some minor lists are next (tracks listing, pipsqueak listing) and then the pipsqueak statistics, which will be the biggest improvement. If you'd like to see some stats, post them here! What I want to do (not complete list):

- achieved seasonal positions
- complete result listing
- sent replays / season
- sent replays listing / track
- average points / season
- best achieved results
- last activity (based on last sent replay)
- number of newsposts
...and your feasible requests


When selecting year I'm getting this message pop-up: "JSChart: Not enough data to render chart"

And you should use selected value for season, as now it shows as selected 2004 but you cann't choose tracks.


selected value is defined by php code - except on the first page load. will default the first load to the latest season of course - this is only a tech demo.

Where and how did you get the JSChart error? I battled with it for about an ahour and it finally works for me in firefox, I dont get it anymore.


I get this error with Opera and Internet Explorer after going from 2005 track C47 to 2004 season, and from 2006 track C59 to 2005.

There's hidden webpage error on IE:

Message: Invalid argument.
Line: 352
Char: 1
Code: 0


The scoreboards look so richer with this new data  :) Browsing from FF3, I think I saw some JSChart popup at some point while browsing 2004 races, but it was working normally anyway.


Quote from: CTG on June 30, 2009, 01:06:42 PM
Quote from: zaqrack on June 30, 2009, 12:55:18 PM
one track per hour seems feasible though. imagine a 24 hour stunts marathon on 24 tracks :-)

Exhausting - sounds like fun. :D
Oh yes, let's call it the 24 hours of Le Stunts (hommage to Pershing II). ;)

Quote from: zaqrack on July 04, 2009, 07:09:58 PM
this table gets all its data from the joint database tables containing all data between 2004-2008 (2009 not yet uploaded to the joint database). What's even better, this script is completely season independent by using some new variables, it can serve us for a long time, and needs no modification from me. :)

Nice job, well done Zak.
But what about 2001-2003 data ?


had some spare time during worktime today  ;D so did some coding for ZS8.0
Apart from further improvements on the joint scoreboard, I almost finished the tracks page.

The design is not finished yet.
It is worth to mention, that the tracks page -until now- was the only page which required monthyl update by hand-coding. This has changed now. The new tracks page is completely automatic and based on php functions. In fact most of the work today I did was developing new functions, because these make site code cleaner and speed up further developments.

For example, my favorite function needs only two variables: track and position, and it returns the pipsqueak's name who finished in that position on that race.

Krys, 2001-2003 will not be included in the joint database. At least not now. It would require an insane amount of coding time which I do not possess now. There will be a "2001-2003 archives" menu item where you can access this data.


New track pages, as well as the common interface for '04-'09 scoreboards we can access through them, look great. So far the only thing I couldn't do was to switch from scoreboard to scoreboard using the unified drop-down menus, but that's just beacuse the "Submit"/"Show" button appears to be missing  :)  By the way, season scoreboards from 2004 onwards aren't working right now, but judging from the PHP error displayed,

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tookpart() (previously declared in /home/virtual-ftp/stunts/zak/newengine.php:123) in /home/virtual-ftp/stunts/zak/2007season.php on line 52

it's just some simple double-declaration issue.


yep, I did some modifications in the evening at home, and introduced several mistakes - you should never code when you are tired!  :D

the season/track selection form will not have a submit button. I just could not finish the autoreload form. Now it is done. :)


lots of work done today (pipsqueak list,further extending scoreboards,newbie league implementation,car coefficient tables 50% done, . I must say the conversion of existing stuff is 80% complete. The big stuff left to do is making the seasonal score calculator season-independent and to migrate 2009 data to the joint tables. As soon as this is done, we will be able to start the public beta test and implement new functions.


The majority of the work is done, and made available to the public. Feel free to test it and write bug reports here!
The only thing missing is the podium - but I plan to recreate that site from scratch.
I have also update the site design amd layout coding a little bit - but it is not finished yet.
Now it's time to implement the completely new features, most importantly the long-awaited pipsqueak profile page.
Requests, reviews and recommendations are more than welcome!


Missing driver's name over car in graphical scoreboard. Only time difference is showed.


Very nice usability improvements so far, the current race/scoreboard page is a lot more useful now. Only thing I'm really missing right now is a link to the front page of the site somewhere on the menus - although it is not so useful if you really think about it, I still reach instinctively for the gone "2009" when I want to reload :) Minor stuff includes the 2003 standings, which aren't loading (that dual league thing must be a pain to integrate...) and the News Archive interface, which is slightly less advanced than the scoreboards in that the year drop-down menu resets to 2009 once you change the month.