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Do you want to build a museum piece?

Started by Overdrijf, March 03, 2023, 09:16:46 PM

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Edit: this project was completed, it was fun. See this topic.

So uhhhm, yeah, what the title says. No, really.

It's not a very well-kept secret that I'm working on another Stunts car, a DAF Siluro. The people in the Telegram group in particular have been seeing me spam about it a bit, and they also already heard what I'm posting here now. Anyway, because the Siluro is a concept car of which only one exists the number of good source pictures was rather small, particularly shots of the dashboard. That one car that exists luckily happens to live in a museum within my travel range though, the DAF museum in Eindhoven, which is how I knew it to begin with. So I asked the museum people if I could come over to make pictures and take measurements. So far so good.

When I was there, they told me that soon they will be swapping out their temporary exposition. The theme of the new exhibition (I don't actually know for how long it will run, probably half a year-ish) will be the 90's. Particularly cars and traffic and roads in the 90's. Stunts is a 90's game. So the museum guy asked me if I wanted to turn the game with my car into a playable museum piece. There are still some hurdles. One of which is that the museum folks being car people not computer people expect me to figure out most of the stuff about how to turn a game into a proper visitor-proof exhibit where nobody can come in and say destroy the boot up settings of the computer the game is running on. So that's going to be a challenge. Luckily the Telegram group again have been chipping in ideas, and my fellow Dutchy Daniel3D is willing to help out where he has time too. (That said: if that kind of stuff is totally up your alley, contact me!)

On the creative side they don't really expect more of me than a functional game with one DAF car and a few themed tracks (I had already been working on these beforehand, interesting happenstance, so I already have 6ish tracks ready to go). But, you know, it's kind of pretty cool to make something that ends up in a museum, so I should probably spread the love around a bit. So, do you want to build a museum piece? Do you want to turn this thing I'm making into a bigger, better thing?

If you have an idea for something you'd want to make for a museum piece DAF edition of Stunts, contact me, I'm all ears. It can be a car, it can be some other modification. There are a few demands and limitations:
- This whole deal is not final yet!!! I was asked if I wanted to do this only 3 days ago. However, because of the next item I wanted to inform people who might also really like to use this opportunity sooner rather than later.
- The exhibition opens on June 3rd. We have 3 months from when I make this post to opening day. So if you want to make something, you have to be able to make it before then.
- Everything must be related to the brand DAF. If you make a car for instance it has to be a DAF or closely DAF-related, like, as an example, the F1 car Williams tested in the 90's with a DAF transmission which they actually have standing in their museum. (The cars do not necessarily have to be realistic in performance, I already explained that even very fast late 80's sports cars can feel slow in Stunts, we are allowed to tune for the driving experience.)
- I am working on a variomatic transmission (a stepless automatic transmission included in all DAF cars) as part of my own project, between the car mass and the torque curve a reasonable approximation can be made. I'm willing to share what I make with anyone else working on a car.
- The intent is that the game as a museum piece will be primarily aimed at children, as brightly colored games drawing attention between regular "boring" museum pieces often are. I don't think I've ever seen any mod for Stunts that was in any way not suitable for children, but I thought I should mention it anyway.
- As a museum piece, a single visitor will typically not interact with the game for more than 10 minutes before their little brother makes mom tell them to let them play too, quality is definitely a higher priority than quantity. That's not to scare you into thinking you're not good enough at car making, I'm just asking to focus your effort on better, not more.
- As the person who was offered the opportunity and who is ultimately responsible for getting it running I am the project lead, and in the end what I say is final. I mean this in the sense that you can argue with me, but I can decide not to listen. I hope you all know me as a reasonable person, and I'll try to be reasonable, I just want to have it mentioned that if I think your paintjob could be taken as offensive, if I don't think making a Ferrari designed by Michelotti who also worked for DAF is a strong enough connection to justify having it in the game, if I think your dashboard needs more work or if I want my own car to be first in the line-up, because I have a big ego, I can make that call. To prevent disappointment as much as possible contact me with your ideas before you pour a 40 hour workweek into your ultimate masterpiece.
- The game will of course eventually be shared with the community. I'm not sure of this will happen before the end of the exhibition.

So, yeah, lots of text. I barely know what to make of it myself at this point. Stunts as a museum piece. Interested?