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Reverse engineering of other games

Started by dreadnaut, May 11, 2022, 11:49:56 PM

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Found this piece on trying to understand how MicroProse F-117A generated certain missions. So many mysteries in old games :)


Oh what a good game! When I was a child I "hacked" F-19 (predecessor of F-117A) using a hexaeditor (PCTOOLS) but only the roster. I just rised my military rank :D
It would be cool to hack the game adding maps and other planes!


Oh!  I had never seen this game before :o  It seems there's lots of games from the classic times I never knew. I remember I did some research on the game X-Wing and was able to find some tricks, but didn't dedicate enough time to it as to really master the format of its files.
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