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What is the security system?

Started by Vector, March 03, 2015, 07:28:16 PM

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Haven't you read that???

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I downloaded it. How can I start it?

Extract it to a directory, and first run setup.exe. Set the graphics to MCGA, and select your sound board (Sound Blaster in most cases). Then Save, and exit. Then it gets a bit more harder, because stunts has an internal protection, and you need to break it. The Neverlock Loader solves this problem, it's packed with stunts. In the distribs out there you have to start: for BB 1.0, stunts_k.exe for BB 1.1, and for MS 1.1 If it isn't working, then try to start it with every .com and .exe file. If the protection isn't disabled, you get a message when you start driving, and get wrecked. If it's not clear, write me, I'll give help.
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