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A new Stunts car: SPEEDGATE XSD

Started by Mark L. Rivers, July 05, 2007, 06:53:55 AM

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Quote from: CTG on August 05, 2013, 11:23:26 AM
Have you ever noticed that Stressed is unable to open Speedgate's RES file? (no problem, I read out the data from "Edit / Hex view"  :D)

How strange. It seems Mark fat-fingered a zero over the second byte of the file while playing with it in an hex editor. I attached a fixed version. You can safely replace your CARGATE.RES with it.


Quote from: Zakariás, shoutboxthe absolutely last time I drove this car. I never understood its popularity and despise it now even more.

Actually, Speedgate always seemed to be a nice IMSA-like car with smooth handling - but the first gear bug killed it as a competition car.

It has to be admitted that I was lobbying for Speedgate in the last ~2-3 years because of this certain anomaly, hoping that I can use it once. :D (I have a well-detailed car database for ages extracted and calculated from RES files, also containing all the important speed & RPM values for each vehicles, based on Duplode's general "Car parameters" and "Car model physics" articles.)


Wild idea: Speedgate should be replaced after this race - with Ikarus. It has no real hidden bugs (Duplode can confirm it) and it's really challenging to keep it over 50 mph in corners. However, it's unable to complete any jumps. :D


Just a quick try, with basic RH...  ::)

If you keep the car over 170 mph in the first corner, you can win back the 1st gear top speed immediately.

At least 35.50 is possible (I had a semi-drunk 36.9x somewhere, but it's lost).