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2018 and on...

Started by zaqrack, September 04, 2017, 12:47:32 PM

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Hello All!

As you have likely noticed, my activity this year in the Stunts world was very shallow and weak. There is just too much going on in parallel and whereas my love for Stunts lasts forever, my passion for the game is year-on-year decreasing, which makes it harder to dedicate sufficient time when there is not much available. This is expected to turn even worse  during the coming months, as our new house is almost completely built, and there will be a lot to do with moving / settling in / etc.

Thanks to dreadnaut, it really does not take much time to upload a new track each month (less than 10 minutes, excluding track design),  but I feel bad about the lack of involvement and commitment regarding news posts, racing, forum life and so on. The community deserves more and better as there is still a lot of positive energy that should be nurtured. 

With no other Stunts championships running in parallel, stopping ZakStunts is not something I would support, but I am really considering taking a break from championship management: letting someone else do the driving, for the above mentioned reasons. If someone volunteers with good plans and has the support of the community, I would be glad to hand over the wheel for 2018 and perhaps beyond.

Any thoughts, interests? We are well in time to prepare, the new manager could think about changing some of the rules for 2018, etc.


I think I would be terrible at community things and "nurturing", but if someone else takes the helm I'll still be around for technical stuff and greasing cogs!


We are here. I will be glad to help. I love build tracks and I know a bit about web development, database etc.. if necessary. About the news and articles: I could help, but writing isn't my best ability.


Zak, mate, I sure understand. I can only imagine what it must be like to keep on doing this continuously for so many years non-stop. And I agree too that the championship can't be closed, as it's the only running one and it's been like that most of the time for years. I'm just an average member here, not a great pipsqueak, not the most active, not the oldest. Whatever I can give a hand with, count on me. You guys already know what I'm good, average and bad at. Maybe each could take care of one aspect or they could be grouped. Perhaps we should make a list of the tasks that need to be taken care of and see who'd be best for what, who'd want to do it and who others would vote for it.

What are the tasks that are taking most of the time?   What do you feel the most tired of doing?
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Zak, could you make us a list of things to do, and things you would like to do? Like a dump of tasks and ideas? It might be that different people can pick different tasks, and you are left with enjoying racing when you have time :)


I totally agree with Dreadnaut. We support you so that you can enjoy everything you like from Stunts without the burden of having to do the part you don't feel like doing :-)
Earth is my country. Science is my religion.


Wow, thanks for the help!

What I would be glad to hand over:

- Monthly technical site update ( bit technical, clicking some buttons on the site + recording car and ltb bonuses, uploading the new track)
- Validate replays and write admin news announcing winners, highlights, introducing the new track - at least on a monthly basis w. the track update, if more often, the better.
- Monitoring what's going on in the community (forum and news posts monitoring, not that much lately)
- Track design (I'd stay as a guest designer, we need at least 10 tracks / season from others

What I would like to do:
- Take a step back and race :)
- Occasional track design


I'm happy to grab the first tasks. I'm already poking the database, so I can deal with the coeffiecients and bonus points. And that will probably push me to automate the whole thing, which is long overdue :-)

I'm also happy to write some news, now and then, but I think there might be others more versed in that field.


I can write news too, if necessary. Also, an introduction to incoming tracks, etc. I feel comfortable with that. If anything else is needed, count me on too. Of course, track design is something I enjoy too. :D
Earth is my country. Science is my religion.


Hello pipsqueaks,

While I would definitely would enjoy helping out, as you may have noticed I have barely been around through the last several weeks... I'm navigating through a real-world transition of sorts, and things are generally in flux, so right now I don't feel confident about committing to take over some of the core tasks. It's likely I'll remain on the sidelines for a little while at least, though I intend to keep in touch -- and send the odd listfiller too! Later on, as things settle down around here, I'll hopefully be able to be of more help to Zak, and to you all  :)