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R4K40 - Westwood

Started by Duplode, May 01, 2023, 05:42:46 PM

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Kevin Pickell's Westwood is a great retro pick! Between here and CCC, I also like seeing the Xylocaine get some regular use -- I feel we've kinda done it dirty back when it made it to ZakStunts years ago.


Thanks!  I've been wanting to use both in Race For Kicks for quite a while. :)


I agree this is a great combination! :)
Earth is my country. Science is my religion.


Xylocaine is the last fantasy car, isn't it? I mean the last built car wich was invented for this game.


Earth is my country. Science is my religion.


I've got a busy time coming up, but I'll try to swing by for a NoRH lap or two. It's a very nice track for that.