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Competition data API

Started by dreadnaut, July 23, 2022, 04:44:30 PM

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Some pieces were already there, but I have expanded the ZakStunts API to include seasons, races, and easy access to replays.

You can start here: — if you are using Firefox, you should be able to click on links and explore further; other browsers might need an add-on like json-viewer.

This should make competition data more accessible. I can add new stuff if you need, and maybe CSV versions for certain resources. I'll wait until a use case pops up though, so I don't build stuff that no-one needs.


Thanks!  I'll make sure to have the next update of Bliss use this instead of parsing the HTML. But if you're already working on the https idea, maye it'd be better to tackle that at the same time.
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