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DOS Game Club podcast collaboration

Started by dreadnaut, June 28, 2023, 03:53:56 PM

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This June the fine folks at DOS Game Club have been playing Stunts! In the coming weeks, they will record a podcast episode about the game, and will be looking for voices from the community.

Let that discussion happen here ;D  — Also, don't miss their NoRH leaderboards 😮


I'm in for the podcast!  I've already let them know in the shoutbox and I've been participating in their forum. Oh, I see this has already been mentioned in another post!  Anyway, I'm glad to continue in the leaderboard and the forum and to be in for the podcast. Like dreadnaut said in the other thread, you guys definitely have to try our live races. It's a pity there isn't one before the podcast for you to have the experience.
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As I said in the Teams for 2023 thread, I'm looking forward to the podcast and also keen to join in for the recording, so please let me know how I can participate. :)


Looking forward to it! As I had said earlier in the shoutbox, I'm up for being in the podcast if the DOS Game Club so wishes, and will be happy to help in whatever ways they find useful.


I'm very sympathetic to the idea, but I'll be away for the next roughly two weeks, and stuff. So I'm in favor of expanding the list of known community voice talents.

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Well, one of them at the very least.  ;D


Hey guys!

Today we recorded our DOS Game Club episode for Stunts. And it's a big one! At well over 3 hours, even once edited I think it may be our longest episode yet (currently Secret of Monkey Island at 3hr12mins).
We certainly had a lot to talk about!
DGC Founders Martijn (Tijn), Florian (rnlf) together with Shawn (DJ_HiP) and myself were lucky enough to be joined by Stunts veterans Cas and KyLiE.

I know I can speak for all involved when I say it was an honour and a pleasure to finally speak to them both and hear their insights, after several months getting into this amazing game.
We covered all aspects, from the basics to how the game has evolved into the creative races and strong community we have today.

I'll let you all know when the episode is published.
Our DGC leaderboard will stay active so do visit and try our tracks - and I look forward to seeing you all on the Zak/R4K leaderboards!

All the best,



Ooooh, looking forward to listening to it!


It's been a very nice experience!  Thanks for the invitation. It'll be great to listen to the edited result when it comes up! :)
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Hi everyone.

I'm happy to announce that the DOS Game Club podcast Stunts episode is now available!!
Find it here:

We hope you enjoy it as much as we are enjoying being part of this vibrant and creative community.
We also hope the episode goes some way to describing the game successfully, and also how it has evolved into the experience we see today.

At over three hours, it's one of our longest yet!
So please put your feet up and enjoy.
See you on the track! :D


Great news, excellent work! I've been listening, and enjoying it a lot. Thanks @Spoonboy and the Dos Game Club team for making it happen!


Thanks, Spoonboy!  Yes, it was a great experience to participate and it's really nice to listen to it again and see how it all went. It means a lot to connect our communities and I will remain active in the DOS Game Club forum as well. I'm a little busy sometimes, but I surely will continue to post something from time to time :)
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This has been really special, thank you for sharing your stories with us!


You're welcome @Tijn and welcome to the forum!  It was a pleasure to participate in the podcast and I really appreciate the opportunity. :)