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Car bonus chart

Started by dreadnaut, November 23, 2023, 10:52:49 PM

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I have a chart in mind, a visual representation of how bonuses affect cars in a race, and relative to each other. I'm trying to understand if it would be a useful widget next to the race car list, but building a prototype would take time, and I've not had enough for several month since I've had this idea, so I'll put it our there.

- On one axis there is driven time, on the other car-relative time.
- Each car can be visible or hidden, with probably the top six cars enabled at the start (more might be a mess)
- The chart can be toggled between full and Amateur scoreboard
- Each car is represented by a colourful line, which plots the driven-to-relative function: a sloping line with the angle depending on the car bonus
- The trick is to choose the range so that it includes the top 3-6 replays on the scoreboard; you'll be able to see what result you need to achieve with each specific car, or how close you can get, on a continuum range

Can you see it? Does it work? Could anyone attempt to sketch it a graph tool?


Uhm... not sure if I'm imagining correctly. In my mind, lines for the different cars would all be straight lines coming from the origin at different angles and probably there'd be points marked on them for the posted replays. Maybe a horizontal or vertical line could extend from each posted lap so that we can find the intersection with the other straight lines, which would be the estimated time. If it were interactive, then hovering on the spot would give you the driven time for that car to reach the other car. Sounds like a lot of work.
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