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About sending in replays last day ( 1

Started by Argammon, March 01, 2002, 09:00:00 AM

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Well this discussion is kinda senseless.Let's close it.

Arguing about typos,grammar or wrong % isn't really worth our time, is it?  

Bonzai Joe

You might want to have spaces after periods  


Oh my god!!!!  

Bonzai Joe, do you have maths at school???

If you have 5 balls in a bowl, 3 red ones and 2 blue ones, what?s the probability to pull a red ball out of the bowl???   3/5 = 60%!!!  

But ok, lets stop this unnecessary discussion...    

Bonzai Joe

You've completely misunderstood it. If you have 2 balls, the chance of getting it right is x. If you have 3, the chance becomes (2 / 3 * 100 + 1) * x. 66,66 % more.


Bonzai Joe

First of all, the chance is 50% bigger.

The chance of getting the right word if you type "reply" is 66,66% of the chance you have if you type "replay" (or was it the other way?)

BUT, I misread your post. You are right, but not because I'm bad at mathematics, which I'm not. Maybe I should take reading lessons instead?    


Hey Bonzai Joe,

Sorry, I didn?t understand   your way of calculation before, but I know now what you mean   , and so we are both right in our different ways of calculating the chance.  

Bonzai Joe

Yes, but my way is quite irrelevant, since you posted the original calculation  


I wonder what this discussion is about :) I only read the second page and I really have no clue! This Bonzai Joe person seems really stupid...
But we can't be quite sure.