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Zak the times you calculated are wrong

Started by Argammon, November 13, 2002, 11:19:49 AM

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*I think*

Bonzai Joe 10.22h - 11.20h 22 hours 1:44.15 30 hours

ok that would be from 10th november 22.00 to  11th november 20.00 right?

Because that would make only 22 hours leadtime and not 30 =P


Bonzai Joe 02.23h - 03.07h 8 hours
Bonzai Joe 10.22h - 11.20h 22 hours

And the total leadtime is 30 hours :P


Yeah true I missed that they were added together :X

al il professore

Good. orion had one mistake finder.

Now we got two.

Terrific team dynamics!!!

I love u all
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